Russian car sales fell 78.5% in April

Russia’s new car sales fell by more than 78% in April, and industry data showed Wednesday after being hit by a barrage of sanctions on Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine.

According to the European Association of Enterprises, only 32,706 units were sold in April.

This was a 78.5% decrease from the same month in 2021 and a 60% decrease in March.

This fall followed the decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin to send troops to Ukraine on February 24th.

Sales of Lada, the country’s most popular and affordable brand, owned by the majority of AvtoVAZ manufacturers by the Nissan Renault Group, fell 78%.

Renault is under strong pressure to boycott Russia over Ukraine and is said to be in talks to sell a majority stake in Russia’s largest automaker.

Many automakers, including Audi, Honda, Jaguar and Porsche, have stopped selling cars and parts to Russia.

Manufacturers that have stopped production in Russia include BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo. Russian car sales fell 78.5% in April

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