Russian Defense Minister Calls for Use of ‘Next Generation’ Weapons in Ukraine

Russian Armed Forces Should Deploy Next Generation Weapons in Ukraine Campaign, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu Said Wednesday.

“We need to continue to upgrade and create advanced systems and apply them to special military operations,” Shoigu said at a ministerial meeting.

Shoigu did not specify the type of innovative weapon system he was referring to or whether this represented a strategic shift in Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

But his remarks follow months of battlefield setbacks that have forced Russian forces to withdraw from territory they held in at least three Ukrainian regions.

He cited precision long-range weapons, drones, and counter-artillery warfare systems as key elements to “effectively defeating the enemy.”

“Missile forces and artillery will play an important role in this,” said Shoigu.

“Today we will discuss further steps to build the combat capabilities of missile forces and artillery, taking into account the experience gained.”

Russia’s defense ministry will focus on building a nuclear weapons infrastructure in 2023, Shoigu told the council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly hinted at Moscow’s nuclear capabilities as his nine-month-long invasion of Ukraine struggles to achieve lasting success.

Shoigu added that 300,000 reservists and volunteers had passed through more than 100 Russian and Belarusian training camps two months after Putin ordered a “partial” mobilization.

Funding for the Defense Order is expected to increase by 150% in 2023, ensuring a consistent supply of arms and equipment to the military, he added. Russian Defense Minister Calls for Use of ‘Next Generation’ Weapons in Ukraine

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