Russian President Vladimir Putin may declare war with Ukraine on May 9 “Victory Day” at the earliest

Russian President Vladimir Putin may formally declare a war with Ukraine as soon as May 9th. This allows for the full mobilization of Moscow reserves. Invasion US and Western officials believe that efforts continue to decline. May 9th, known as “Victory Day” in Russia, commemorates the defeat of the Nazis in 1945, CNN reports. Western officials have long believed that Putin would leverage the symbolic importance and advertising value of the day to announce military achievements in Ukraine, a significant expansion of hostilities, or both.

Authorities have begun to focus on one scenario in which Putin officially declares a war with Ukraine on May 9. So far, Putin has called the brutal months of conflict a “special military operation” and has argued that the following words are effectively banned: Aggression and war.

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British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace told LBC Radio last week, “I think he’s trying to get out of his’special operation’.” “He was rolling the pitch and could say’look’. This is now a war with the Nazis and I need more people. I have more Russia. Needs cannon feed. ”

During the conflict, Putin has continued to organize the invasion of Ukraine, the country of the Jewish president, as a “denazification” campaign that was also rejected by historians and political observers, CNN reported. .. Wallace said, “You shouldn’t be surprised, and there’s no information about this. Perhaps on this May Day, we’re at war with the Nazis of the world, so we’ll declare that we need to mobilize in large numbers. Let’s add. ” Russian people “.

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