Russian troops begin to withdraw from Kherson across the Dnieper

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Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu on Wednesday ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson on the left bank of the Dnieper, TASS and other Russian news outlets said.

“Starting with the withdrawal of our troops, we will take all possible measures to ensure the safe movement of personnel, weapons and equipment across the Dnieper.” Shoigu ordered the commander of the Russian invasion force, Sergei Slovikin, who proposed the move.

“After a comprehensive assessment of the current situation, it is proposed to capture several defensive positions along the left bank of the Dnieper. We understand that this is a very difficult decision.” Slovkin told the Russian Defense Minister, according to Interfax.

The general also told Shoigu that if Kyiv attacked the Hakhovka Dam, this would create a massive flood zone and lead to the formation of water currents that would lead to significant civilian casualties.

“There is an additional threat to civilians and the complete isolation of our group of troops from the right bank of the Dnieper. is to organize the Slovikin also reported.

“We will, most importantly, save the lives of our servicemen and, in general, the combat capabilities of a group of troops that are useless to be kept on the right bank in a limited area. Some of its forces and means are used for aggressive operations, including attacks in other directions of the area of ​​operations.” he added.

A journalist at the Russian independent website Meduza, citing sources close to the Kremlin, cited saving the lives of Russian civilians and military personnel as one of the reasons the withdrawal was ordered, and these signs are already showing. Reported to have passed. to Moscow propaganda.

The capital of Kherson province was the only major city Russian forces were able to capture after it launched its invasion of Ukraine in February. In September, Ukrainian forces launched a counteroffensive at Kherson, attempting to cut off communications with Russian forces who had first crossed the Dnieper.

Ukrainian forces had already destroyed bridges over the Dnieper, forcing Russian forces to resort to pontoons and other improvised means to supply their soldiers. Before the withdrawal, the Russians evacuated tens of thousands of civilians from the city and destroyed bridges over the occupied territories of the Kherson region west of the Dnieper.

“The occupiers blew up not only the Daryivski and Tiahinski bridges, but also the bridge at the exit from Sniflivka across the strait to Kherson.” Ukrainian officials said Wednesday, as quoted by CNN.

Sergei Klan said Russian troops were withdrawing “en masse” from front-line villages along the west bank of the Dnipro. He said it was still impossible to officially say that Russia had abandoned the settlements, but that Russian troops were no longer present in some areas. Russian troops begin to withdraw from Kherson across the Dnieper

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