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Russian troops shot down four Ukrainian jets – Moscow

Russian and Ukrainian officials will meet in Istanbul about the stagnation of grain delivery that has soared global food prices, and Kieu said he destroyed the Russian arsenal as the fighting on day 140 intensified. I am.

The Russian Defense Ministry states that its troops destroyed Ukrainian jets in the Mykolaiv region of southern Ukraine. (Reuters Archive)

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Russia says it shot down four Ukrainian jets

The Russian Defense Ministry said Russian troops shot down four Ukrainian military aircraft in Ukraine.

The Russian Army, along with the Su-25 and Su-24, the Soviet-era jets used by the Ukrainian Air Force, along with another Su-25 and another Soviet-designed fighter, the Mig-29, in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. I destroyed it. In the Mikolive region of southern Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense said in a daily briefing.

The report has not been independently validated.

Ukraine expects grain exports to expand transactions with Russia

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told the Spanish newspaper El País that he was “two steps away” from signing an agreement with Russia to export Ukrainian grain to the international market prior to multilateral talks in Istanbul. Told.

Türkiye collaborates with the United Nations to mediate transactions after the February 24 attack on Russia’s Ukraine spurred soaring prices for grains, cooking oil, fuels and fertilizers, leading to a global food crisis. I have done it.

“We are ready to export grain to the international market … we are two steps away from trading with Russia,” El País reported.

Russia considers gas transportation via Ukraine after 2024

Russia will consider continuing to send gas to Europe via Ukraine beyond the current transaction ending in 2024. As long as European countries want the function of Russia’s gas and Ukraine’s national transportation system, RIA Novosti News Agency quotes the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Despite the conflict in Ukraine, Russia continues to transport large amounts of gas across Ukraine to Europe. It is Moscow’s leading global customer of billions of dollars in gas exports.

Ukraine reports an impressive Russian ammunition depot to the south

Ukrainian troops reported destroying a Russian ammunition depot in southern Ukraine and causing a massive explosion on social media. Meanwhile, rescue teams said the death toll from a weekend Russian strike in eastern Ukraine had increased to 45.

An overnight rocket strike targeted Russia’s Novakakhovka base, according to the Ukrainian Army’s Southern Command. Novakakhovka is about 55 km east of the Black Sea port city of Kherson and is also occupied by Russian troops.

The accuracy of the strike suggested that the Ukrainian army used the multi-launch high-mobility artillery rocket system or HIMARS provided by the United States.

Russia’s Tass news agency provided another explanation for the explosion in Novakakhovka, stating that the mineral fertilizer storage facility exploded, damaging markets, hospitals and homes.

Ukraine and Russia negotiate grain as conflict raises food prices

Russian and Ukrainian officials are preparing to hold talks in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, on the stagnation of grain delivery, which is driving global food prices soaring.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat and other grains, but shipments are blocked by both Russian warships and mines laid by Kieu in the Black Sea.

Turkey, which has led efforts to resume essential grain trade, will host talks attended by a UN delegation.

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