Russian troops withdraw from Snake Island.The battle continues in the Kharkiv region – Romanian Journal

The Ukrainians won an important victory on Thursday after being able to drive the Russians out of Zmiinyi Island. The Russians are alleged to have fled “as a result of a successful military operation by missiles and artillery units,” reading a message from the Ukrainian army. The Russians, meanwhile, admitted to withdrawing, saying it was a “good faith gesture” to facilitate the passage of grain through the Black Sea.

In a daily briefing, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Russians had withdrawn from the Serpent Island of the Black Sea, claiming that it was a “good faith gesture” to facilitate grain transport. “”On June 30th and 30th, as a well-meaning gesture, the troops of the Russian Federation completed their assigned missions on Jijima and withdrew the garrison troops stationed there. Thus, world society has shown that the Russian Federation will not interfere with the United Nations’ efforts to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian territory.Announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

On the other side, Ukrainian troops announced in a telegram message Thursday that they had expelled Russians from Snake Island. “During the night, as a result of a successful military operation with missiles and artillery units, the enemy rushed to evacuate the last crew member of the garrison with two motorboats and probably left the island. Covered with smoke and exploding. The final result of the operation is under investigation. “, Read the message published on Telegram.

Images circulating on social media seem to show that the island is covered in smoke.

Ukrainian troops also said they had destroyed Russia’s Zmiinyi-S1 missile system on Snake Island. In the Operational Command South of Ukraine, Russian troops on June 28, 40 soldiers, the Pantil-S1 missile system on Snake Island, two “Msta-B” howitzers, and “Msta-S” self-propelled. He reports that he has lost his howitzer. According to Kyiv Independent, three armored vehicle units and other vehicles in the south front.

Russian troops are trying to break Ukrainian resistance in Lissiansk

10 Russian troops are concentrating on Thursday to defeat the remaining pockets of resistance in the city of Lisiseansk, with an occupation that allows them to control the entire Lugansk region in the eastern part of the country, EFE and Ukrinform. Form reports on the current situation in front of the Ukrinform general, who quotes and reports on staff. “”Russian troops are attacking near Verhnekamenka and conducting assault operations in the area of ​​the Lysiceansk refinery where the fighting continues. “ A report posted on the staff’s Facebook page.

However, the Moscow government claims that the Russian army already controls the oil facility, which cannot be confirmed from independent sources. “”In the direction of (adjacent) Donetsk, artillery-backed enemies are blocking the city of Lysseansk and trying to control part of the road connecting Lysseansk and Balmut. “ A nearby town said in a military report.

Russian troops continue to concentrate their attacks on the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, which are the components of Donbus on the border with Ukraine, and are trying to integrate this territory with the region of southern Ukraine that they already control.

Another area affected by the bombing is the Kharkiv region (northeast), which has the second largest capital in the country. There, “enemy continues to defend its previously occupied position. Invaders fire from tanks, mortars and cannons to the suburbs of Kharkiv, Pitomnik, Ukraine, Peremoha, Dementievka, Prudianka, Korobochikino and Rubizhne. We fired rockets, “the report said.

One killed and several injured in the Battle of Kharkiv

According to the latest information provided by the Governor of Kharkiv, a Russian attack in Kharkiv killed one person and injured six, including an 11-year-old girl.

The 11-year-old girl was hospitalized and her condition was relatively stable.

“The battle continues in this area. In the direction of Kharkiv, the occupying forces are fighting defensively in an attempt to stop the Ukrainian army. Use to attack peaceful towns and villages.The governor wrote in Telegram Oleh Synyehubov.

Two other civilians were killed in the Donetsk area in the attack on Wednesday. Two civilians were killed in Krasnohorifka and Sidlov, according to Donetsk Governor Pablo Kirirenko. Two more were injured in the Donetsk area.

The Russians intentionally threw two 500 kg bombs at the Mariupol Theater, but the building was labeled “Children.”

The Russians committed war crimes when they bombed a theater in Mariupol and concluded an extensive investigation by Amnesty International. According to the report, the attack on March 16 killed dozens of people and became a deliberate target for Russian troops.

Amnesty International experts spoke with several survivors who talked about what happened during the bombing. Amnesty International records in its latest report how Russian troops deliberately targeted theaters, even though they knew that hundreds of civilians had been evacuated to the theater on March 16. increase.

The bottom line is that the attack was certainly carried out by Russian fighters. Russian fighters dropped two 500-kilogram bombs that were close to each other and exploded at the same time.

British FM: Putin “ordered the worst crime” in Ukraine

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss describes Russia’s President Vladimir Putin as a “terrible dictator” waging a war that is neither legal nor justified, while Russian leaders describe “the most horrific crime in Ukraine.” He added that he ordered.

“I’ve seen women’s systematic rape. This week we saw attacks on civilians, including shopping centers (attacks on Clementchukmall –, and Ukrainians in Russia. Not only have we been able to get rid of us from Ukraine, but we also need to make people liable for these vicious crimes committed. “ Truss told Sky News. “”I didn’t meet Vladimir Putin. I don’t know the motive for this horrific war. What I know is that our absolute priority must be to stop this war and expel Vladimir Putin and the Russian army from Ukraine. The minister added. Russian troops withdraw from Snake Island.The battle continues in the Kharkiv region – Romanian Journal

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