Russian TV star hiding from war with Ukraine in

Popular Russia With an actress tv set Presenter from the first channel of Russia National TV Larisa Guzeeva He fled the country and settled on her property on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Russia The media reported after the Russian recognized the actress during her walk in Nessebar. Guzeeva Is an honorable artist Russia Federation, and in recent years she has earned a nickname “Russian matchmaker“In the case of the program” Let’s get married “broadcast on the first channel.

When Russia is conducting military operations Guzeeva Hiding in Bulgaria is frustrating Russia Public responsive to reports that cultural stars show business and modernity Russia Highlife has left the country after invading Ukraine. Moscow media and social networks have already arrived in Turkey, Sobchak and Bogomolkin are now back in Russia.

Most of the alleged traitors denied or ignored the allegations, Guzeeva Reacted to social media at the Cursed Volcano. She wrote, “What are such non-journalist? Are they richer or happier? Personally, I curse these **** rays. Take them, Let me suffocate! I wrote the actress quoted by RIA Novosti.Lisa Guzeeva She added that she is certainly abroad, but will be treated for the coronavirus she had last September. “I worked hard, I had a terrible covid, I’m trying to smooth the results in Bulgaria” Added tv set A matchmaker with 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

May 1st, Star We have released less popular videos in the Soviet Union and Russia. The Russian people’s artist and her nickname, Larisa Udvichenko, play the role of more than 120 films. On Friday, Udobichenko turned 67 and celebrated a special day with her colleague. Guzeeva And her family at a seaside restaurant. “”Today, my little girl, Larissa, has a birthday. We are in Bulgaria. Here is a great table. There is only one problem. I forgot to ask the media for permission. For some reason, we can go without asking us to leave. “, Ironically Guzeeva I commented.

Russia The media reminds the “let’s get married” host to have a € 220,000 apartment in Ravda in a gated complex with a pool, tennis courts, cafe and fitness centre. Her neighbor is Larisaud Bichenko.In the same complex, the owner of the apartment tv set The presenter of NTV Lera Kudryavtseva and the singer Nadezhda Babkina, who has four apartments and their grandchildren, will rest in Bulgaria.

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