Russians land in Alaska to seek asylum: US officials

Two Russians who landed in remote Alaska are seeking asylum in the United States, a Far North state politician said Thursday.

The pair landed just weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of unpopular citizens to turn the tide of the invasion of Ukraine.

According to a joint statement by Senators Lisa Markowski and Senators Dan Sullivan, “Two Russian citizens landed on a beach near Gumbel, on the northwestern tip of St. Lawrence Island in Alaska, and defected to the United States. requested.

The point lies just a few dozen miles from the tip of the Russian Far East.

A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the two Russians were not identified but arrived in a small boat.

Their cases are being reviewed “in accordance with applicable U.S. immigration law,” he said.

Mr Sullivan said the arrival of the two Russians made it clear that “the Russian people do not want to fight Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine”.

Last month, Putin ordered a partial mobilization to bolster troops in Ukraine, calling in about 300,000 reservists.

With a shocking announcement, a flight was flooded because a man of the military was in a hurry to leave the country.

With the growing dissatisfaction in Russia, President Russian acknowledged at the end of September that he needed to make a mistake, and called for “returning a summoned person for no good reason.” Russians land in Alaska to seek asylum: US officials

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