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Russia’s attack on Ukraine has had a major impact on regional peace

President Erdogan said Turkey supported Ukraine’s fight for territorial integrity and repeated calls for a solution to the crisis through dialogue.

“Turkey has rejected Russia’s unacceptable military operations against Ukraine,” Erdogan said. (AA)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey refused to intervene in Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and was “unacceptable.”

In a television speech, Erdogan said he “refused Russia’s military operations” and “had a major blow to the peace, tranquility and stability of the region.”

Prime Minister Erdogan said Ankara plays a role in ensuring the safety of all people living in Ukraine, especially their citizens, the (Turkic) Tatar brothers and sisters.

Earlier Thursday, President Erdogan also spoke on the phone with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Prime Minister Erdogan reiterated Ankara’s support for the Ukrainian struggle to protect the integrity of the territory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced military intervention in Ukraine early Thursday, a few days after recognizing two separatist territories in eastern Ukraine, with widespread international condemnation and stricter sanctions against Moscow. Pulled out the announcement.

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The military conflict does not benefit anyone, Erdogan told Putin.

“Serious violation of international law”

At the beginning of Thursday, Prime Minister Erdogan chaired the security summit in the capital Ankara, after Moscow launched an attack on its neighbors.

According to the president, the summit concluded that Russia’s attack was “a violation of international law” and “unacceptable.”

“We call on the Russian Federation to stop this unfair and illegal activity as soon as possible.”

“We will continue to support Ukraine’s political unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Türkiye said.

Not only did military operations destroy the Minsk Agreement, but “it is a serious violation of international law and poses a serious threat to the security of our region and the world,” the statement added.

The ministry noted that it “needs to respect territorial integrity and national sovereignty” and opposes forceful border changes.

Moscow’s military operations repeatedly denied Russia’s intention to launch an invasion, following a month-long build-up of about 100,000 troops around Ukraine.

Explosions in several Ukrainian states, including the capital Kiev, were also reported on Thursday, with several military vehicles reportedly crossing the border from Belarus to Ukraine.

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Prime Minister Erdogan: Turkier opposes moves aimed at conserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity

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