Russia’s Yandex map stops displaying borders

Russian flagship IT company Yandex will stop displaying borders on online maps.

The company said Thursday that the updated digital map “focuses on natural features rather than state boundaries.”

“Our job is to show the world around us, so the map shows the mountains, rivers and other data normally found on such maps,” Yandex press service. Said Russian tech news site Durov’s Code added that further changes will be displayed “in stages”.

Millions of people use Yandex’s map application in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but also in Yandex’s taxi service in Europe, Israel, Cameroon and Senegal.

The change will occur when pro-Kremlin officials begin to discuss holding a referendum to annex the occupied Russian territories in eastern Ukraine.

April 2014, YandexMaps previously changed Russian border, including the annexed Crimean Peninsula.

Often characterized as “Russian Google”, Yandex An increasingly uncertain future Since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February, it has faced both the Kremlin pressure to remove anti-war content from its services and the outflow of top managers and IT workers.

June 3, European Union Introduced Sanctions on one of the company’s founders, Arkadi Voloz, prompted his immediate resignation. Russia’s Yandex map stops displaying borders

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