‘Ruta Vallarta 2022’ with over 350 All Terrain Vehicles in Zapopan – Puerto Vallarta Off-Road Tour

The organizers of ‘Ruta Vallarta’ have announced their 24th off-road tour. On this tour, more than 350 of his all-terrain vehicles, also known as Razer, will cover nearly 500 kilometers from Zapopan to Puerto He Vallarta from September 7-11.

In the first logistical meeting with the authorities in Puerto Vallarta and other examples, Arturo J. Diaz, director of the event, together with the president of Moto Club TT, Arturo Diaz S., one of the organizers, explained this in detail. Did. A route that the driver covers most of Sierra Madre.

They bring together drivers from several states in the country and the event, considered one of the best in Latin America, sends drivers to each of the 10 municipalities visited to either consume at a local facility or have a place available. announced that it intends to contribute by consuming at To the DIF of each community.

On behalf of the city of Puerto Vallarta, Gerardo Alonso Castillon Andrade, Director of the Civil Protection and Fire Department, attended the first meeting, stating that ambulances and first aid vehicles will be available if needed.

Regarding public safety and city roads, IMP Deputy Commissioner Juan de Dios Rojas Galeana and IMP Lieutenant Pedro David García Maldonado were present to monitor vehicle routes and exercise caution when entering the area. pay. Municipality of Puerto Vallarta.

There are agreements to ensure the safety of the riders, and strict Razer controls that they cannot roam the city streets only on designated days and under the supervision of city roads.

The route has changed this year, so the final route may change. This used to reach Vallarta via Giorlo.

The meeting was also attended by the Director of DIF Puerto Vallarta, Roberto Ramos Vazquez, the Ministry of Tourism, the National Guard, SEDENA and other state and local government representatives.

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