Ryan Giggs trial compares ex-girlfriend Kate Greville to a toaster, hear more of his gruesome texts

Ryan Giggs compared his ex to his favorite toastmaker and told her, “These things are what make us so special,” the court heard.

The footballer, who denies headbutting Kate Greville late last year when his relationship with him fell apart, said that his last name rhymes with “Breville,” hence “his heart.” Blow it away,” he said.


Ryan Giggs compared his ex-girlfriend to his favorite toastmaker in lovestruck message, court heardCredit: Reuters
He sent Kate Greville many poems over the course of their


He sent Kate Greville many poems over the course of their “toxic” six-year

The 48-year-old also noted that “Greville” rhymes with the name of his best friend Gary Neville.

A jury sitting in a criminal court in Manchester has examined a cache of messages sent during Giggs and Ms. Greville’s “toxic” six-year relationship.

The former couple regularly wrote poems to each other. In one coming-of-age ode, Giggs told his partner that she makes him “hard as a totem pole.”

In another, he used the letters of his surname to spell out her attributes, listing “feet” in both L’s.

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In one message he wrote:

“It rhymes with Neville, one of my best friends, and Breville, my favorite toastmaker.

In another article, “You are the jam in my donuts, the truffle in my pasta, and the salt in my tequila.”

He also compared her to Fort Knox because it was “full of gold”.

However, the relationship that began when the two married another man soured and finally ended in November last year.

At one point, Greville said she felt like “w***e” when Giggs left her at a restaurant table to arrange treatment for his injured daughter.

And on November 1st, she claims Giggs was assaulted in a multi-million pound mansion where she was packing with her sister after discovering she had slept with 12 women.

Three days before the attack, she wrote Giggs a “final farewell” letter, which was read yesterday.

In the letter, she accused him of being a “liar and a cheat” and named a woman he believed he slept with.

“Final Goodbye”

Among the women mentioned in the letter was an employee of Hotel Football, which Giggs co-owns with former teammates Neville and Paul Scholes, and she texted him about doing a “threesome.” claimed to be

She also said the former Welsh midfielder had sex with someone “now married to that cricketer” and charmed another woman by “having a Harrods man send me shoes, bags and dresses”. criticized.

Mr. Greville never sent a letter to Giggs. Instead, she showed it to a friend of hers, to whom she responded, “Better than seeing Jeremy Kyle.”

Sir Alex Ferguson, who has known Giggs for over 20 years, said yesterday that Giggs has a “great temperament”.

The Red Devils legend, who appeared as a witness to the character, said, “He was without a doubt the best example I had at any club. Everyone saw Ryan as number one.”

You’re jam on donuts, truffles on pasta, salt on tequila

Ryan Giggs

And Karen Baird, president of Salford City Football Club, told the court she thought Giggs was “a very gentleman”.

Asked how he reacted to social events after drinking, she replied, “At the last Christmas party before lockdown, he was dancing on a chair with Gary Neville.”

“I never saw him speak up,” she said.

Neville and Giggs are co-owners of the City of Salford.

The former Welsh director has been charged with assault that caused actual physical harm to Ms Greville, 38, and of controlling and coercive behavior towards her over a three-year period.

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He is also facing charges of assault on her sister Emma.

He denies all accusations.

In one poem, he says that his former partner


In one poem, he says that his former partner “made him as hard as a totem pole.” Ryan Giggs trial compares ex-girlfriend Kate Greville to a toaster, hear more of his gruesome texts

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