Ryan Giggs’s “sad” after resigning from Welsh manager

Ryan Giggs expressed his sadness for not being able to compete in the 2022 World Cup after having an immediate influence as a Welsh manager.

Giggs has been away from his post since November 2020 and is facing a trial of domestic violence in Manchester on August 8.

Wales qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 64 years under Robert Page earlier this month. Former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs, 48, has confirmed he will not be in Qatar this winter.

Ryan Giggs Faces Domestic Violence Trial in Manchester on August 8 (Peter Byrne / PA)

In a long statement, Giggs said:

“It’s an honor and privilege to control my country, but it’s right for Welsh FAs, coach staff, and players to prepare for the tournament reliably and clearly, without speculation about the position of the head coach. That is.

“As is well known, I have acquitted the criminal accusation heard at the Manchester Crown Court.

“I’m confident in our judicial process, but I wanted the case to be heard sooner so that I could regain control responsibility. For everyone, the case was postponed. Not.”

Robert Page led Wales to the first World Cup for 64 years in the absence of Giggs (David Davies / PA)

“I do not want the country’s preparations for the World Cup to be affected, destabilized or endangered by continued interest in this case.

“I was fortunate enough to enjoy an unforgettable moment during the three years I was in charge of the national team.

“I’m proud of my records and cherish those special times forever.”

Giggs, who was appointed manager of Wales in January 2018, led the Dragons to Euro 2020, the first major tournament in four years.

However, the tournament was delayed by 12 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Wales reached the final 16, so his assistant Robert Page was in charge of the tournament last summer.

Giggs (left) poses with Jonathan Ford, former CEO of the Football Association of Wales, after being appointed manager of Wales in January 2018 (Bemberchar / Pennsylvania).

Giggs said:

“I am impressed and grateful to the passionate supporters who have followed us around the world.

“Looking at nearly 3,000 enthusiastic travel fans in Baku in the European Championship qualifiers with Azerbaijan, we thank people for making sacrifices to see the play in our country.

“It’s sad that we can’t continue this journey together, as we believe this extraordinary group is proud of the country in the first World Cup since 1958.

“Chief Executive Officer Noel Mooney, predecessor Jonathan Ford, FAW Board of Directors, and the support we have given to us in this difficult time to help our national team. Thanks to the many people behind the scenes for their efforts, in my personal life.

“I will resume my career as a manager at a later date. I look forward to seeing the national team with you at the stand.

“Finally, I hope FAW players, staff and supporters will continue to succeed at the World Cup.”

Giggs has been accused of controlling and enforcing his ex-girlfriend’s actions against Kate Greville between August 2017 and November 2020.

Welsh captain Gareth Bale celebrates final World Cup playoff victory over Ukraine earlier this month (David Davies / PA)

Giggs was also accused of assaulting Ms. Greville, who caused her actual physical harm, and on November 1, 2020, a general assault of her sister Emma Greville at her home in Worthley, Manchester. I am.

He denied the claim and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Giggs was scheduled for a trial in January, but was reverted seven months ago due to unprocessed proceedings after the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Football Association of Wales acknowledges a personal statement issued by Ryan Giggs on June 20, 2022,” FAW said.

“FAW is grateful to Ryan Giggs for his role as manager of Cymru’s men’s national team and to his decision in the greatest interests of football in Wales.

“The focus of FAW and Cymru Men’s National Team is on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year.”

X Ryan Giggs’s “sad” after resigning from Welsh manager

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