Ryanair acts unfairly with business partners, says CEO of transportation services

“In addition to special taxes, more action is needed on aviation, where land carriers are a particularly vulnerable market to the interests of multinational discount airlines,” Ferenc Galgóczy said. Said In an interview with Magyar Nemzette.. The CEO of land transportation company BUDPORT Handling Ltd. has stated that while it is clear that low-cost carriers departing from Budapest are willing to pay additional profit tax through passengers, this is not their only suspicious behavior.

According to Gargotch, land carriers have been forced to sign contracts with low-cost carriers, ultimately hurting passengers and workers. For this reason, it is worth considering not only the additional profit tax of these companies, but also the approach to airport service partners.

The CEO expects discount airlines to demand the best performance, essentially with unfair procurement procedures and immoral price negotiations, while service charges are expected to fall below costs with a few months payment deadline. Insisted. According to him, they refuse to pay a realistic and fair price for ground handling services.

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