Ryanair announces investment of € 20 million in maintenance and repair facilities in Malta

Ryanair, a low-cost carrier working with the Government of Malta, has announced an investment of € 20 million in maintenance and repair facilities on the island.

Ryanair Eddie Wilson’s CEO addressed a press conference on Tuesday, announcing a significant investment that would allow airlines to carry out repairs and operations at Malta International Airport.

With the new MRO business, Ryanair will develop a more seamless business in the country and create 250 new employment opportunities.

According to Wilson, Ryanair was able to increase its capacity by 115% between the summer of 2019 and the coming summer. He said the airline was able to continue to hire all its employees and was fully recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wilson said it will begin operations in one maintenance bay in October, hiring 20 people and eventually 250 people.

In the first phase of the project, Ryanair will operate from the existing hangar and then build a new 3-bay hangar. The second phase will include 140 people to maintain the 2-bay line and will continue to grow in stages. In the fourth phase, more than 250 people will be assigned.

Wilson said it was important for Malta to attract Ryanair’s capabilities to the land in order for Malta to recover its aviation industry.

Malta’s aircraft maintenance services began when Lufthansa Technik opened a large facility in 2003. EasyJet began servicing aircraft at SR Technik in 2016, and Medavia has an aircraft servicing facility in Guja.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said the island’s maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities will not only lead to a more prosperous aviation industry, but will also create 250 new quality careers in this area.

He said the investment would lead to 25% growth in employment in this sector. Mr Abella said the government will provide the opportunity to train in this area through specialized academies and institutions to prepare employees with the right skill sets.

Avella said the addition of Ryanair to this sector will continue to improve Malta’s reputation for aircraft maintenance.

By removing Malta from the FATF’s graylist, Abella said she would continue to improve her position in Malta’s business and send an optimistic message to foreign investors.

Economic Minister Silvio Shemburi and Energy Industry Minister Miriam Dali also addressed the press conference, thanking Ryanair for its investment and confidence in the aviation sector.

Dali said Malta is on the road to attracting reputable airlines to the island. She said the devoted workforce of Malta and the ability of experienced human resources are important, and that Malta companies and the Civil Aviation Authority should be further opened for investment in the aviation industry.

Schembri said millions of investments will occur after the Covid-19 pandemic, which has wiped out decades of industry growth in the coming months. He thanked Malta Enterprise and INDIS Malta for laying the foundation for new opportunities.

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