Ryanair announces six new routes to Zadar


Zadar, May 31, 2022 – Ryanair celebrates its 15th anniversary on Tuesday in Zadar on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

To commemorate this opportunity, Irish low-cost carriers have announced a schedule for the summer of 2022, including six new routes to Zadar.

The new routes to and from Zadar announced by the airline are: Bordeaux, Bournemouth, Helsinki, Liverpool, Sofia When Turin..

Ryanair has announced the strongest summer flight schedule from Zadar. There are a total of 46 routes, 13 of which are new.

Ryanair’s base in Zadar increased its fleet to a total of three base aircraft in mid-June, with this $ 300 million investment helping to create 90 high-paying aviation jobs and 700 jobs in Zadar. Indirectly boosts.

Expecting a very high summer occupancy with Zadar, Ryanair will perform 120 surgeries a week this summer. This is 65 times more than in 2019 before the pandemic.

Olga PaulonkaRyanair’s Head of Marketing and Sales in Southeast Europe said:

“Ryanair, the number one airline in Europe and Croatia, is celebrating its 15th anniversary in Zadar and is enthusiastically launching six new routes. The biggest summer flight schedule to Zadar is Bordeaux, Helsinki, We offer nearly 120 weekly flights to 46 destinations in Europe, including 6 exciting new destinations such as Sofia and Turin. Users and visitors to and from Zadar have the best summer tickets. We are announcing the sale of 159kn seats one way until the end of October 2022 so that you can book at a price. Please purchase until Thursday, June 2nd. Book your ticket at a great price.

Ryanair announces six new routes to Zadar

(Photo: Ryanair)

Tomislav ZepinaThe head of the commercial sector at Zadar Airport said:

“Ryanair’s third base, 46 routes, and the most likely resumption of record traffic in 2019 is evidence of our good work over the last few years. 15 years with Ryanair. The success of our cooperation has resulted in the extraordinary achievements we have achieved together. The big plans and projects that are waiting for us in the coming years are with our most important partner, Ryanair. It wouldn’t have been possible without successful cooperation.

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