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S. African Court Stymies Shell Offshore Earthquake

December 28, 2021

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The South African High Court today blocked Shell from conducting seismic tests off the pristine wild coast of South Africa in a recent ruling in an attempt to prevent oil majors from exploring oil and gas. ..

On December 3, another High Court order led Shell to conduct a large-scale seismic survey off the east coast of South Africa, claiming that Shell did not have the necessary environment. It was blocked by Tuesday’s ruling, which forms part of a broader court application. Approval.

A spokesperson for Shell said, “We respected the court’s decision and suspended the investigation while considering the judgment.”
Environmentalists and others have protested Shell’s seismic bombing program, stating that its underwater acoustics are harmful to marine animals, especially moving whales.

“Shell has been suspended until the final ban application we are convinced of is resolved,” Johann Lorenzen, one of the leading lawyers in the East Coast fishing community, told Reuters. I have to. “

However, South Africa’s energy minister defended Shell’s plan, saying critics wanted to steal energy resources from Africa.

Exploration activities and importance off the coast of South Africa, despite global efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and pressure from many governments and investors to limit carbon emissions that promote global warming. The number of discoveries is increasing rapidly.

South Africa, a net importer of petroleum products, is eager to procure liquid refinery raw materials from state-owned Mosselbay gas, which was operating part of its production due to declining domestic gas supplies. I am.

(Source: Reuters)

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