Sadness and anger as horses pass through hell during a religious procession in Coimbra

The crowd who saw the Rainha Santa procession in Coimbra yesterday were shocked and saddened to see the horses pass through absolute hell in the heat of the heat.

Ann Instagram clip It shows the situation faced by four GNR horses. Three of them somehow climbed a concrete ramp and slipped and slipped badly.

But I couldn’t get it done. He stayed on the ground, perhaps scary and didn’t even try to get up again.

Noticias de Coimbra filmed the moment Various long cloths were laid on the ground, giving the animals the purchases they needed to get up and stay awake. After that, he was handled manually away from the slope, with people in front and behind to secure his support.

The PAN (People-Animals-Nature) Party is currently seeking clarification.

This year it seems that no previously prepared road was offered for horses participating in this particular paved road.

noticiasaominuto states that the organization hosting this procession, Confraria Rainha Santa Isabel, has held the local government head-on. Hundreds of resentful shares on social media.

Meanwhile, PAN is also seeking clarification from the GNR and the Home Office.

The party says it heard on this lamp that “animal falls have recurred.” “Because horse shoes can’t grab the pavement,” they happened in the previous procession, the statement says. The party states that this creates a “serious risk” of “suffering from serious physical harm” to animals.

This story creates a “wave of resentment” on various channels of social media, and most people have to expose animals to such trauma on such an incredibly hot day because of religion. I saw him confused. Sadness and anger as horses pass through hell during a religious procession in Coimbra

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