Saint-Gillien recovers in the last session and is one win away from the title


Sliema Flank Salt…….. 6

(2-2), (1-3), (1-1), (3-0)

San Ġiljan JP Projects are one win away from winning their 12th league title. For most of the match they didn’t look like a winning team, but in the final session they challenged themselves and took advantage of their opponent’s mistakes.

Sliema must have been disappointed as she threw away all the hard work she put in in the first three sessions. They fell out of power on offense when center Jerome Gabarreta was fouled out midway through the third session.

The performances of both goalkeepers, especially San Chillijan goalkeeper Jake Tanti, proved crucial as both Tanti and Nikki Grixti kept their teams in the match at one point during the second session. .

The game got off to a good start after the first minute as Nicolas Bugheri leveled St. Giliyan and Benj Katia. Mattias Ortoleva regained his SanĠiljan lead with a shot from a sharp angle, but soon he had Sliema respond through his Jerome Gabarretta.

At some point in the second half of the second session, Sliema took control of the game and captain Marc Merri put Sliema ahead for the first time before Liam Garea doubled the advantage half an hour later with a spectacular backhand. . Nikolai Zamit closed the gap from the penalty, but Gavarretta showed quality in the middle to beat Tanti. Before Zamit’s penalty, Darren his Zamit was sent off as a substitute.

Youngster Jake Bonavia closed the gap again and scored at the start of the third session. They may have evened after scoring a penalty while Sliema lost Gabarreta for a third foul. But Andreas Galea missed his chance. A minute later, Benji Kathia found an angle to put Tanti down again, giving Sliema a valuable 6-4 lead.

Before the final session began, Saint-Gilyan coach Zeljko Kovacic was sent off by referee Raffaele Colombo for protesting. San Ġiljan had to dig deep to save the game. Bonavia scored from close range, keeping Saint-Gillien in the game midway through the final session, before capitalizing on Nikki Grixti’s indecision to equalize.

Former Sliema player Nicholas Bugelli completed his comeback seconds later as San Ġiljan took a 7-6 lead just under three minutes before the end of the game. Sliema still had time to recover, but he began to panic and lost his sharpness and focus in front of goal.

St. Gillian: J. Tanti, P. Borg, A. Galea, N. Schiavone, R. Caruana, M. Zammit, B. Plumpton, D. Tully, J. Bonavia (3), N. Zammit (1), D. Zammit, N. Bugelli (2), G. Vassallo, M. Ortoleva (1), D. Ferò

Sliema: N. Grixti, J. Gabarretta (2), L. Galea (1), D. Rizzo, M. Meli (1), B. Cachia (2), J. Cutajar, M. Mifsud, J. Brownrigg, J. Gambin, Z. Mizzi, D. Zammit, A. Theuma, K. Borg

referee: Raffaele Colombo, Ronnie Spiteri


Marsaskala Wins a Monotonous Encounter


Valletta Igibet ………………………………………………………. ..1

(1-1), (0-0), (1-0), (5-0)

Sure, more was expected from the first final, but only one thing matters to Marsaskala Fish and Fish. victory. It wasn’t a convincing performance, but it counted when it mattered as Barreta failed to control the game despite neither team playing their best. This result means Marsaskala could close out the league if they win next Wednesday.

Kyle Navarro took the lead over Marsaskala, but Barreta quickly equalized from veteran Steven Micharev. Neither team was able to find the net, but more worryingly, both goalkeepers were under-tested.

The game continued to drop in level as both teams played very statically, but veteran David Pace-Lupi scored the only goal of the session to put Marsaskala ahead.

A reaction from Barreta was expected in the final session, but the game went in one direction as soon as Jake Syanter made it 3-1 early in the session. Veteran Paul Privitera added another from the man-up situation before Pace Lupi closed out the game with his two goals. Ayrton Camensouri rounded out the win with a late goal.

Marsaskala: J. Micallef, JC Cutajar, A. Camenzuli (1), P. Privitera (1), R. Greco, G. Galea, K. Navarro (1), M. Manara, D. Pace Lupi (3), G. Sammut, J. Ciantar (1), M. Carani, A. Muscat, F. Scardino, L. Falzon

Valletta: B. Busuttil, N. Farrugia, M. Pace, J. Culic, S. Busuttil, Z. Micallef, D. Paolella, M. Mifsud, S. Micallef (1), A. Agius, K. Galea, K. Cremona , A. Bugeja, L. Felice, R. Attard

referee: Giuseppe Fusco, Richard Magri Saint-Gillien recovers in the last session and is one win away from the title

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