SAIS 5th grade students investigate global and local issues

Fifth grade students at St Andrews International School (SAIS) investigate regional and global issues ranging from climate change to animal abuse, education, marine protection, gender equality, endangered animals and conflict. And revealed with hope. It made a difference at the exhibition of the Primary Years Program (PYP).

Isabella Holcomb has chosen to focus on endangered species such as manati, West African elephants, and hawksbill turtles, as many animals have been extinct and are part of the ecosystem. As her action component, she and her groupmates (including Claire One and Summer Won) sold jewelry with an information card about endangered animals. They also made the clay animals they sold and donated the proceeds to the Bahamas National Trust.

Isabella’s group went to a classroom on the SAIS campus and explained why they chose the topic.

Held under the theme of “Sharing the Planet,” this exhibition is an important event for SAS students to pursue and learn about regional and global issues. Students are working tirelessly to integrate and share key elements of PYP with the school community.

This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile that has evolved through their involvement with PYP. The students spent eight weeks researching, writing, creating, talking, collaborating, rehearsing, and finally giving a presentation at the exhibition.

“The whole exhibition process was rewarding, but I’m very proud of my work,” says Harper Peterson.

As she said, she chose to study deforestation because “… it’s a serious problem in our world.”

On her behavioral elements, Harper’s group gave a presentation they shared with young students to educate them on climate change.

Vashni Carey, Deputy Head of Primary / PYP Coordinator, said he is engaged in agent learning by pursuing issues that students feel are investing and want to make a difference. Explained that he was “involved”.

“Our 5th grade students showed how knowledgeable they were by presenting their thoughts and ideas to parents, family, friends and teachers on the night of the exhibition. Was diverse and consisted of local and global issues. Students were enthusiastic about researching and integrating information and coming up with creative yet meaningful ways to present issues. With the success of the 5th grade PYP exhibition, a group of ambitious students who are familiar with this information feel like they are on the right track to change, “says Carey. ..

The exhibition is a true manifestation of the school’s vision of building a diverse community of lifelong learners who can help make positive changes through ethics and excellence, said Catherine Azikiwe, primary director. Said that.

“Our students have confidently and passionately presented on local or global issues,” said Ajikiwe. SAIS 5th grade students investigate global and local issues

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