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Saitec Offshore Technologies Uses Maersk Supply

February 22, 2022

© Saitec Offshore Technologies

Danish offshore ship owner Maersk Supply Service has won a contract to install a mooring system for the Saitec Offshore DemoSATH Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Project.

“This is an important deal for Maersk Supply Services, as floating offshore wind is the cornerstone of our green strategy and transition to offshore renewable energy. We are also pleased to be able to provide expertise in this project. We look forward to providing our clients with a secure and efficient installation. “ Oliver TorveHead of Integrated Solutions for Maersk Supply Service.

According to a Danish company, the project team is currently gathering to prepare for the impending offshore installation in the second quarter of 2022.

Saitec Offshore Technologies, the Spanish engineering company behind the development of SATH Technology, has adopted the Maersk Supply Service for its project. © Saitec Offshore Technologies

SATH technology is based on a concrete platform concept with plug-and-play single-point mooring, the same technology used for FPSOs.

This anchor system allows for easy connection, allowing the platform to be disconnected and landed for O & M. The platform can rotate freely around this point like a weathercock, reducing the environmental impact of the platform and, as a result, reducing mooring costs. It also helps the turbine yaw control to orient the rotor plane against the wind.

The DemoSATH project will be the first floating offshore turbine connected to the Spanish grid using a 2 MW turbine in a full-scale prototype deployed off Bilbao. The project is partially funded by the German energy company RWE Renewables, the world’s second largest offshore wind farm.

“We are proud to play a role in supporting the development of the floating offshore wind industry and look forward to strengthening our relationship with Cytec,” he said. Ivan ReiniMaersk Supply Service Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Director.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/494477-saitec-offshore-technologies-taps-maersk-supply-service-for-demosath-floater-mooring Saitec Offshore Technologies Uses Maersk Supply

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