Sajis vows to end what he calls the “Curse of Gotalanil” – Island

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Ananda Parisa, a member of the Samagi Jana Barabegaya Trade Union, said yesterday (01) that parliamentarians, chairs of various government agencies, and other political figures from the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) facility in Coronawa had unlimited petrol. Claimed to continue to obtain diesel.

Former CPC employees have declared power to transform Coronawa Depot into a special facility to meet the needs of politically influential people.

People who promoted the concept of “one country, one law” created a special category, but almost the entire country was suffering from the unprecedented turmoil in fuel supply, Parisa said.

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera and CPC Chair Sumith Wijesinha did not answer the phone.

Ananda Palitha said that no one authorized to access the Kolonnawa Depot has the necessary services. “Why should lawmakers, regardless of social status, be granted access to special facilities when they are not included in the mandatory services?”

Ananda Parisa asked. SJB activists said they were struggling to maintain public transport after the government repeatedly promised to maintain it.

Trade unionists claimed that they drew government attention to covert operations in Coronawa, but that they continued unabated. The fuel-filled barrel was taken from Coronawa, he said, among the beneficiaries were owners of V8s and other ultra-luxury cars.

Ananda Parisa said the opposition should have taken up the issue vigorously.

In response to another question, Ananda Palitha said that Ceypetco had about 3,000 mt of diesel and 2,500 mt of petrol 95,600-700 mt of petrol 92, at least not in a position to meet the required requirements, according to available information. Said. service.

“The government hasn’t planned to get gasoline and diesel yet,” said Ananda Parisa, urging the government to trust the public.

Palitha was engaged in a primary fuel depot that was not supposed to pump fuel for outsiders, while police launched numerous attacks on people who stored diesel and gasoline. Pointed out. Trade union leaders said the government should be ashamed of the situation, noting that the country is heading for turmoil.

island Yesterday afternoon, Ananada Parisa’s allegations were communicated to Laris Weerattunga, Senior Advisor to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Sajis vows to end what he calls the “Curse of Gotalanil” – Island

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