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SJB Not Responsible: Siambalapitiya Strikes Back

Shamindra Ferdinand

Kegalle District MP Ranjith Syambalapitiya, then Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, said: Yahaparana Between 2015 and 2019, thousands of people were illegally absorbed by the underfunded Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) cadres.

MP Siyambalapitiya stressed that he has not hired anyone without the approval of the Department of Administrative Services, Ministry of Finance. Ravi Karunanayake and the late Mangala Samarawaeera held financial portfolios at UNP-led conferences. Yahaparana management. SLFP was a junior partner.

When SLFPer says so island On Monday (August 29), the parliament called for his response to the accusations made by Kegal District SJB MP Kabir Hashim and incumbent Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera.

Hashim claimed that those who tried to secure parliamentary seats and certain political parties that followed their political agenda at the expense of the national economy had ruined the CEB. The former UNP chair accused them of secret dealings with his CEB management and trade unions. They all very conveniently failed to introduce much-needed reforms and should therefore be held accountable for the current crisis, the former oil minister argued.

A smiling Wijesekera reminded Hashim that it also represents the Kegalle district, which has recruited the largest group of workers. Hashim countered by pointing out that the person the minister referred to is now with the government.

They were referring to Ranjith Syambalapitiya, who ran in the last general election with his SLPP ticket.

Of the 14 SLFP members in the current parliament, excluding Angajan Ramanathan, all others, including party leader Maithripala Sirisena, contested SLPP tickets.

Hashim stressed that the SJB, a separate UNP group, would not accept responsibility for the actions of its members in Kegal District.

In response to another question, MP Syambalapitiya said he was not in parliament during the exchange between Minister Wijesekera and MP Hashim. MP Syambaalapitiya admitted that people from Kegalle district were recruited into his CEB during his tenure as minister in charge of the CEB, denying accusations of violating the Ministry of Finance’s directive in doing so.

Presumably, the minister and the MP were referring to the CEB taking around 6,000 workers who were employed through “manpower” companies 15 to 20 years ago, MP Syambalapitiya said. The inability of successive administrations to solve the problem has caused frequent strikes and shutdowns, he said, calling into question the rationale for his fault-finding to resolve long-standing problems. .

The former minister said the CEB had to expand further during his term as the government at the time took concrete steps to provide electricity to all those seeking services. CEB said that by then he had provided connectivity to 94%-95% of those who requested the facility, and steps were taken to power the remaining lots. Therefore, additional workers had to be recruited, said the electricity minister at the time.

MP Siyambalapitiya said Mr Ajith, UNPer Lawyer: P. Perera served as Minister of State. Did he abuse the office? He would have made it known to his party.

Minister Wijesekera reiterated in parliament the urgent need to restructure the CEB and questioned the rationality of outsourcing to the private sector work that should have been handled by state-owned enterprises. The Matara District MP said he set the number of CEB and LECO workers at over 26,000.

JVP Vijitha Herath told parliament that the proposed restructuring is only a precondition for finalizing the RFI (Rapid Financing Instrument) with the IMF. Sajith confirms the start of the escape from the government. – island

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