Sales of the Cuale River market improve after the reopening of the Puerto Vallarta bridge

After the reopening of the vehicle passage across the Quare River Bridge, sales in the Quare market have reported a significant increase.

“Thank God for their improvement. No doubt the bridge has improved everything. Now tourists come here and see us open and they Will come in, “said market tenant Alfredo Figueroa Aguilar.

Two years after the pandemic, seven months after the river flooded the market due to the hurricane nora, merchants say they are enthusiastic, but there is still a long way to go for a full or partial recovery. ..

“Sales are good, but this year, the holiday season, and Easter probably need to return to 70%,” the trader added.

“But the important thing now is to keep selling,” said a merchant who thanked the state government for rebuilding the bridge and the city government for opening the bridge so that tourists could go to the store. Emphasize. “We are up and working,” Figueroa added.

It was early August 28 that the rising river entered the market and affected hundreds of merchants. Some lost everything, others managed to recover the goods, spending a lot of months waiting for the rebuilding of the bridge, first the market and then the city center and the romantic zone.

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