Samsung’s Freestyle Smart Projector offers entertainment beyond boundaries

Samsung’s Freestyle Smart Projector offers entertainment beyond boundaries

Despite recent technological advances, it’s safe to say that our modest TVs aren’t what any sane person would consider “portable.” Easily move these screens between rooms in no time. We can’t, but that’s also why we have smartphones, notebooks and tablets.

However, as convenient as these devices are, they are often limited by their small screen size. If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to squint to see which characters have died. game of thronesLuckily, as long as you have a flat surface at hand, we have the perfect answer. of freestyle smart projector from samsung.

who needs a screen?

Designed specifically to provide quality entertainment on the go, The Freestyle is not the kind of projector most of us find in schools and offices. Unlike the old bulky blocks that come to mind, this projector actually resembles a spotlight.just amazingly lightweight 780g that too. In fact, the Freestyle blends easily with other objects in your home due to its unique canister-sized housing. Your friends and guests will have a hard time believing in its true abilities.

Project anywhere, at any angle with the Freestyle projector. (Image source: Samsung)

Despite its small size, the Freestyle is extremely versatile. Not only does it have an easy, near-instantaneous setup process, but it also comes with a full smart TV experience built in, with omni-directional 360-degree speakers on the bottom. Plus, it doesn’t need to be propped up against a surface or another object like traditional projectors. It can be tilted to any angle up to 180 degrees to fit the available projection plane.

When expanded, Freestyle can accommodate the following display sizes: 30 to 100 inches It depends on how far the projector is installed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be projected onto a wall. In fact, editor Zach found this feature especially helpful when working out at home. 3:04 in the video below! ). The convenience of having on-demand big-screen entertainment anywhere while doing pull-ups (or other activities) is a valuable addition to any home.

Smart experience for smart devices

Digging deeper into The Freestyle’s capabilities, this is where the projector really hits its quintessential “projector, smart TV, and speaker” combination.

Starting with smart TVs, the stellar spread of entertainment and utility apps available work well together with Freestyle’s intuitive remote control. Easily navigate between different applications available on your smart TV experience. Get direct access to popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Surprisingly, The list also includes many games in case you need to kill a little time, but you probably won’t see heavy-duty titles like the following. genshin impact.

(Image source: Samsung)

Speaking of value, what’s even more compelling is the projector’s aforementioned 360-degree speakers. The unique speaker design allows you to enjoy high-quality audio output wherever you are sitting in the room. Freestyle also supports his Wi-Fi surround speaker setup for better positional audio without the hassle or wires. Are you annoyed by noise from building renovations? You can even connect your own earphones or headphones via Bluetooth so you can watch your favorite drama series on the big ‘screen’ in the room with the spare wall (finally! ) can binge.

For those who need to share screen time with loved ones at home, they may not even need to fight over TV. We basically decided on a Friday movie night.

The Freestyle is primarily designed for entertainment on the go, but many of its features are useful for business purposes as well. Its versatility makes it easy to set up a video conference anywhere. Plus, it guarantees a big screen even in tight spaces like work pods, so you can see just what you’re seeing.

Portability is a big advantage

Want to project a movie from the back of your car onto a wall or white cloth hanging from an open trunk? Yes, you can with Freestyle. (Image source: Samsung)

It’s now clear that portable versatility is freestyle’s greatest advantage. Unlike other projection options on the market, The Freestyle is much easier to set up and ready to use.

From a practical standpoint, the need for a screen is what keeps many people from buying a projector in the first place. This means many projectors are not suitable for small homes with limited space. Freestyle can project anywhere, on any wall, or even on the ceiling. In addition, you can also correct the color of your video output based on the surface you are projecting it on. That means you don’t have to look for white walls for a fun projection.

Power is another common obstacle when it comes to projectors. Freestyle also solves this problem. There are no heavy power blocks and you don’t even need to be near a wall outlet. All you need is a compatible power bank to set up your projector.If you want something that matches your design, Samsung’s exclusive freestyle portable battery is the perfect S$299 optional companion to take your freestyle anywhere. With a battery capacity of 32,000mAh, the Freestyle Portable Battery offers 3 hours of video playback. This opens up a variety of new avenues that regular projectors can’t offer, and makes freestyle on the go much easier.

Premium option worth paying for

(Image source: Samsung)

samsung freestyle It may seem like an unusual option compared to traditional projectors, but its unique design and myriad interesting use cases make it stand out from the crowd. I have hands-on articlesWhether you’re watching videos while working out at home or enjoying a movie while snug in bed, where you use The Freestyle is only limited by your imagination and creativity, so feel free to experiment. !

For more information and current offers on Samsung’s The Freestyle Smart Projector, visit its Official product page. Samsung’s Freestyle Smart Projector offers entertainment beyond boundaries

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