Sanctions Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Industry – New Defense Orders.strategy

European pharmaceutical industrial equipment manufacturers have begun to refuse to supply spare parts and components to Russia. This could lead to a halt in the release of new drugs, and Russia will look for alternative suppliers.

Several representatives of the pharmaceutical industry talked about supply issues. Thus, Vikram Punia, president of “Far Machine Cesis,” confirmed that German partners Sintegon and GEA have stopped delivering to Russia. Other companies, including German sartorius muscles and American Shichiba, have stopped accepting orders from Russia, but have not yet left the market.

At the same time, the sale of equipment and spare parts to the pharmaceutical industry is not included in EU sanctions and their supply is not prohibited.

Experts believe that one of the main problems leading to the current situation is the lack of government incentives for the manufacture of equipment for Russian pharmaceutical companies.according to Nikolai VesparovRNC Pharma Development Director, such equipment may be manufactured due to concerns of the large defense industry, but we do not do this due to limited demand.

Some parts supplied by the EU can be duplicated by domestic companies on their own, but it is very difficult to develop new parts. To make matters worse, each of these parts is manufactured for a particular manufacturer and has a unique number, making it impossible to deliver these parts via a third country.according to Peter RodionovCEO of Geropharm, which may mean that new drug production will be difficult.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade does not consider this a major issue. According to them, Russian pharmaceutical companies have a sufficient inventory of components and specialists for maintenance. The ministry also expects equipment from Russian machine manufacturers.

In parallel, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is looking for suppliers mainly from friendly countries of China and India. However, questions arise about the compatibility of equipment in India and China with existing lines and the possibility of manufacturing equipment in these countries.

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