Santina Cawley Murder Trial: Neighbors Hear “Almighty Fuss” and Baby’s Cry Next Door

A woman’s neighbor, who is being tried for the murder of a two-year-old girl, said she heard the sound of a crying baby next to her baby, who was increasingly suffering as the woman cursed her.

Lakeland Crescent’s Karen Harrington in Cork’s Mahon was charged with killing Santina Corey at 26 Elderwood Park on Boreen Mana Road in Cork on July 5, 2019 in the city’s Central Criminal Court. It is on trial.

At the time of the alleged crime, 37-year-old Ms. Harrington had a relationship with her child’s father, Michael Corey.

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Harrington lived in 26 Elderwood Park in 2019. Her neighbor, Dylan Olney, who lived at number 27, said she wanted to go to bed at 2:00 am on July 5, 2019. He began to hear the “fuss”.

“The next thing I heard was Almighty. Things broke and were thrown around the 26th place.”

He said someone sounded like “having a tantrum or throwing something.”

Later, Olney showed evidence that he had heard “repeated bangs” and “omnipotent bangs.”

“The wall where I live is thin. I went out. The accused broke the sliding door and opened and closed. It repeatedly opened and closed. I was frustrated. I didn’t want to go up.”

He went out and vowed to call Miss Harrington a “dyingbat” and tell her to stop.

Olney warned Miss Harrington that she would call her Gardai. He said Karen replied, “Please call them.”

Scene at Cork’s Elderwood Apartment Complex

Santina Cawley

He told the jury that Karen had begun to scream. Call them. I ask you to call them.

“I was a little surprised. She was behaving strangely,” he added.

He returned to his apartment. Mr. Olney said that at some point Karen appeared at his door and he asked for a cigarette lighter. He told her to leave.

Then he heard the child crying in her apartment. This was the cause of his concern.

“It surprised me. I heard a child crying next to me at 26:00. It worried me. I just cried, not a painful cry. I was worried. I was a child. I didn’t think I should be in it. I heard a provocation. The baby was getting worse and crying. I heard what I heard. I was worried about the health of the child who heard me crying. rice field.”

He said he could hear her (Karen) say “poor baby okay” in a “ironic” voice. Olney showed evidence that his child wasn’t spoken in a way that provided comfort, resulting in worsening his crying.

“I heard her say,’Stop crying.’ I think I heard her say,’Stop crying or shut up.’ She decided to call her Gardai. “

At the trial, I heard that Gardai answered the phone at 4.31 am on July 5, 2019. When he arrived at 4.52 am, Karen Harrington’s apartment showed no signs of turmoil and left the scene.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Olney heard someone walking down the aisle. He went out and saw Michael Corey, the father of his child, who only knew what he saw.

Michael Cawley, father of Santina Cawley in Cork Court

“I asked him,’What the hell is going on?’ What’s happening with yours?” He didn’t seem to be intoxicated. “

Olney said Michael Corey entered the apartment and came out suffering, shouting his “daughter died”. Mr. Corey contacted Gardai and asked him to call an ambulance.

“He roared. He wasn’t comforted. I was trying to comfort him. He was very upset.”

Olney called Gardai. When they arrived, Gardai told Mr. Olney, “What are we looking at? I said murder.”

In a previous trial, I heard Karen’s neighbor Aoife Niam McGary heard Karen arguing with a deep-voiced man who appeared to be a man the morning when Santina was found to be seriously injured. rice field.

“Karen’s voice was muffled, but I could clearly hear her saying. I’m saying.”

Ms. McGary said she was a teenager when she first met Karen. At 1:27 am on July 5, 2019, Karen rang her phone and asked her to enter the entrance to her apartment. She thought her code didn’t work and Karen forgot her own key.

However, Karen found her key and put her in. She said when she heard a destructive neighbor living in the apartment and she claimed that it was like “heard it raining outside.”

She told the jury that she was awake and remembered that she sent a text message to an Australian friend in the middle of the night because the place she lived was “like a bronx”. I was used to making noise in the apartment I said.

At 3 am she said she heard a man arguing with a woman. The woman who sounded like Karen said, “I’m going to talk to them all. I’m going to talk to them all.”

She jumped up, grabbed a nightie and said she went to Karen’s apartment. She hit the glass of the sliding door. She said the situation was “completely out of character” for Karen.

McGary said he heard a muffled voice and a woman’s voice that sounded like Karen. I say “She went to the front door of Karen’s apartment, where she heard sobbing.

“I started knocking on the door. I was very worried. I was kicking it (the door). She said she was a guard,” I said. She opened the door. She looked very distressed. She continued to apologize, “I didn’t mean to scream and cause trouble.”

She said she thrust her head into the door of the apartment as if Karen was looking at something.

McGary didn’t see any signs of anyone other than Karen in the apartment. She said she noticed a mark on Karen’s face and her hair stripped from her head. She said she appeared to have had the “lump” of it removed. She also noticed that the Betty Boop statue of Karen was destroyed.

She asked Karen about the sound of breaking the glass, and Karen told her she accidentally broke the glass in the kitchen.

“At this stage, I was tired and frustrated. I said,” Do you really drink a glass? ” I couldn’t believe it. She just apologized. “

McGary said he got the impression that Karen was scared.

“I felt this anxiety about her. I didn’t see anyone, but I wasn’t happy.”

Another neighbor, Martin Maxweeney, told the court that he was awakened by the sound of the sliding doors opening and closing 30-40 times around 3 am on July 5, 2019. He heard the man say, “I’m going to call the policeman a dingbat.”

At 5 am, he heard the man screaming, “My baby is dead.”

At some point, he said he heard the gentleman say, “My baby is dead,” and thought that Karen Harrington might have died.

“I thought’Baby’was her nickname.”

He had previously seen her appear to be “drunk or taking drugs” before.

The incident will continue tomorrow.

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