Satellites used against Russia in Ukraine could be legitimate targets

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A quasi-civilian satellite used by the West to assist Ukrainian forces through conflict could be a legitimate target for Russia, says the head of Russia’s foreign ministry’s non-proliferation and arms control department. Vladimir Ermakov told Sputnik.

“Western countries actively use the potential of civilian space infrastructure, primarily groups of low-orbit satellites, to support the operations of the Ukrainian army. , and the actions of the Russian military to control combat aircraft and target high-precision ammunition from space, ”Ermakov said.

He added that “such provocative use of civilian satellites raises questions at least in the context of the Outer Space Treaty” and “requires the most serious condemnation by the world community.”

“We confirm that such semi-civilian infrastructure could, of course, be a legitimate target for retaliatory strikes if used in military operations against Russia,” Ermakov said.

Given that civilian spacecraft cover the entire planet, “the Pentagon is testing concepts of a future command and control system for militaries around the world, and the majority of nations We don’t have effective means,” he said. .

“We advocate preventing the use of private commercial satellites to accomplish combat missions. We urge all countries to make joint efforts to explore near-Earth space for peaceful purposes,” the diplomat noted.

“Developing a legally binding norm of international law that is comprehensive in nature and aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space” will ensure that outer space is used only for peaceful purposes. It’s the only way to guarantee it, Ermakov said. Satellites used against Russia in Ukraine could be legitimate targets

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