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Saudi airstrikes “accidentally” kill 12 Yemeni troops

The Friendly Fire incident follows the intensification of the fighting between the Houthi and Yemeni government forces around the central city of Malibu.

Several bodies were burned down and three military vehicles were destroyed. (AP)

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes accidentally attacked the camp of Yemeni pro-government forces in their allies, killing at least 12 troops.

At least eight Yemeni troops were injured in a strike in Shabwah province on Thursday, officials said Friday.

Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the media did not have the authority to brief.

There were no immediate comments from the Saudi-led coalition. A coalition of spokespersons, Turki Al-Maliki, did not respond to many media calls and messages.

At the strike site, two locals said several bodies were burned and three military vehicles, some of which were equipped with automatic rifles, were destroyed.

During the Yemeni conflict, there were occasional friendly fire incidents in which Saudi-led coalition airstrikes struck allied ground forces.

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Intensification of violence

Yemen has been torn apart by civil war since 2014, when Iran-backed Houthi rebels conquered most of Sana’a’s capital and northern part of the country.

In 2015, a Saudi-led coalition intervened to thwart rebels and bring the internationally recognized government back into power.

However, the war stagnated for years, causing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

In the last few months, fighting has intensified between the Houthi and Yemeni government forces around the central city of Malibu and the coastal cities of Hudaydah.

The coalition has also increased airstrikes on Yemen’s Sana’a and other rebel-controlled areas in recent weeks.

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