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Saudi Ambassador to US Visits Aramco Research Center in Detroit

RIYADH: Al Ahsa, the world’s largest date palm oasis, is ushering in a new era of prosperity as a new development authority is launched.

On May 12, the Kingdom formed a board of directors for the Al-Ahsa Development Authority, headed by Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Province.

The move aims to increase administrative potential while supporting the development of Al Ahsa’s tourism, heritage and cultural aspects.

Officials will create a balanced and sustainable development environment that supports the state’s economy and promotes development, modernization and diversity, according to the state news agency.

“This decision reflects the ambition of the leaders to invest in Al-Ahsa’s comparative advantage and leverage it for economic projects in line with Vision 2030,” said the Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce secretary. Director General Ibraheem Alshekmubarak said exclusively. Arab News interview.

Ibrahim Alshek Mubarak

The city of 1.3 million people was included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2018.

UNESCO says:

“About 50 handicrafts and folk arts have survived throughout the city’s history, testifying to Al-Ahsa’s scenic wealth, including textiles from palm trees, pottery, textiles and fittings.”

Promotion of tourism

The governorate hosts 36 open markets each week and several festivals each year.

“When we talk about tourism in Al-Ahsa, we are talking about agriculture, heritage and nature tourism,” said Alsheku Mubarak.

In February 2022, the Ministry of Tourism held a prestigious investment conference called Destination Tomorrow.
The conference introduced Saudi Arabian destinations to local investors and international operators.

“People have become a little more conservative internationally when it comes to cross-border investments after the pandemic. Deputy Minister for Investment Attraction Mahmoud Abdulhadi told Arab News.

The Kingdom aims to generate 10% of its gross domestic product from the tourism sector, attract over 100 million tourists by the end of the decade and create another million jobs in the sector.

“We want the sector to be self-sustaining, which is why we are keen on large-scale investment from the private sector, even though we recognize that the entire sector is built on SMEs. We are working on it,” Abdulhadi added.

The city’s Chamber of Commerce has spearheaded several initiatives to help small businesses, monitored sectors most affected by the pandemic to develop plans to help small businesses overcome the damage, I made sure to continue to formulate strategies.

“Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce has organized a series of development initiatives and advisory services offered to entrepreneurs through the Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman Center for Business Development,” Alshekumbarak added. rice field.

airport expansion

Al-Ahsa airport’s capacity will more than double expectations of rapid regional growth, Dammam Airports Co. CEO Fahad Alharbi said in a previous interview with Arab News.

Alharbi added that the city’s airport can accommodate around 400,000 passengers but aims to reach one million.

Saudi Aramco primarily uses this facility, but before the pandemic it had commercial activity from two or three domestic destinations and another two or three international sites.

“The development of Al-Ahsa International Airport is currently the most needed project as we anticipate an economic and tourism boom in Al-Ahsa,” Alshekumbarak said.

business destination

Essam Al Mulla

The city is already growing in business, with 53% more investment opportunities in the city in 2021, with 362 options available on its online portal, as the Ministry of Local Government and Housing announced in June. rice field.

The total value of these investments exceeded 275 million riyals, Al-Ahsa Mayor Essam Al Mulla told Arab News.

The opportunities available on the portal in 2022 have already reached 112 investments, according to the Saudi Press Agency, said Majid Al-Hogair, Saudi Minister of Local Government and Housing.

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