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Saudi Arabia Launches Skills Verification Program in Bangladesh to Recruit Skilled Workers

Saudi Gazette Report

Dhaka — Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia (MHRSDMore) on sale Wednesday Bangladesh’s Skills Verification Program (SVP) as part of a plan to attract more skilled workers from the country.

In the 1st term skill test of external training conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, five occupations such as plumber, electrician, welder, refrigeration and air conditioning engineer, and automobile electrician were selected. Professional Certification Program.

Saudi Ambassador to Bangladesh Essa Youssef Essa Al Duhailan on Wednesday signed an SVP contract with the Bangladesh Manpower Employment and Training Authority. The ambassador said the SVP would help Bangladesh send skilled workers to Saudi Arabia, facilitate the inflow of remittances and contribute more to Bangladesh’s economy. “It’s good to have skilled craftsmen. We will cover all other costs,” said Al-Duhailan.

Pakistan is the first country to take advantage of Saudi Arabia’s skilled worker program. of MHRSDMore launched SVP in Pakistan last September and has since been introduced in India. of Ministry We introduced the SVP in July 2021 as part of regulating the labor market in the best possible way. December 2021, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Signed a landmark agreement on the certification and employment of Pakistan’s skilled workforce.

The first phase of the SVP aims to verify the skills of workers in five of the 23 specialties covered by the ministry and aims to improve the quality and quality of professional manpower in the Saudi labor market. It aims to raise the level of professionalism. Increase productivity and discourage unqualified professional workers from entering the kingdom’s labor market.

The purpose of the SVP is to ensure that workers in targeted occupations have the necessary skills through two tracks, in-house and international. The first track aims to test the skills of professional workers currently in the Kingdom and is working with local testing centres. The second track aims to test professional workers before their arrival and works with a number of accredited international exams. Center.

In addition to improving the quality of services and increasing productivity in the labor market, SVP aspires to be a major contributor to the development of a professional workforce in accordance with international standards that meet the needs of the Saudi labor market. I am aiming.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/629694/SAUDI-ARABIA/Saudi-Arabia-launches-Skill-Verification-Program-in-Bangladesh-to-bring-in-skilled-workers?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Saudi Arabia Launches Skills Verification Program in Bangladesh to Recruit Skilled Workers

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