Saudi Arabia lifts Covid-19 restrictions and allows travel to India

Saudi Arabia has been lifted COVID-19 The Ministry of Home Affairs announced a travel ban on citizens on Monday.

Travel curbs have been lifted at destinations in Turkey, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India, Al Arabiya reported.

This move will take place a week after the Kingdom withdraws some preventative Covid-19 measures. This includes wearing a face mask indoors and providing proof of vaccination to enter most public places.

Despite the mitigation of Covid-19 measures, the Ministry of Home Affairs said last week that masks would need to be worn at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, where it is regulated by the Saudi Arabia Public Health Department Wekaya, and at its own locations and events. Obligation of mask.

The vaccination period for Saudis who wish to travel abroad has also been extended, Al Arabiya reported.

Travelers were previously required to receive a third Covid booster within 3 months from the second, but that period has now been extended to 8 months.

Coronavirus restrictions in the Kingdom were relaxed at the beginning of March this year when outdoor mask obligations, social distance measurements, PCR tests for inbound travelers, and quarantine rules on arrival were abolished. ..

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