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Saudi Arabia ramps up expertise in preserving its natural beauty

RIYADH: As part of Saudi Arabia’s National Industrial Strategy, authorities plan to expand 12 strategic industrial sectors, with opportunities identified for growth and increased competition at regional and international levels, said Osama Al.・Deputy Minister of Industry and Minerals Zamir said. resource, said Tuesday.

He spoke on the first day of “A Renewed World,” a two-day conference hosted by Johnson Controls Arabia, the regional joint arm of Johnson Controls International. Security systems, along with building management and control systems in the Middle East and North Africa.

A group shot of elite speakers at the Renewal World Conference hosted by Johnson Controls Arabia in the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh. (attached)

Organizers said the purpose of the event is to foster national dialogue on the key role of innovation and the development of smart, carbon-neutral buildings in sustainability efforts. National and international experts from the energy and industry sectors underscored the key role of partnerships between Saudi Arabia’s private and public sectors in achieving the Kingdom’s sustainability goals, particularly in terms of innovation. did.

Alzamir said the 12 sectors targeted for expansion are aerospace, automotive, maritime, renewable energy, chemicals, machinery and equipment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food processing, building materials, mining and the military industry. I was.

“Modern technology, innovation and digitization are disrupting the future of business and investment,” he told the delegation.

Johnson Controls Chairman George Oliver speaks at the Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow conference in Riyadh. (AN Photo/Hebshi Al-Shamali)

“Thus, when we examined the potential of the Kingdom, we found untapped technological potential and a predominantly young population with a passion and understanding of technological revolutions and an understanding of how to keep up with the latest technologies. I understand.”

That is why the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources has launched the “Factory of the Future” programme. “This will bring about a dramatic change in the manufacturing sector,” Alzamir added.

“The goal of today’s industrial and mineral ecosystem is to develop a technological and innovative manufacturing sector,” he said. “This will not only greatly improve our industry and create locally competitive products, but also increase the contribution of industrial enterprises to the national economy.

“Also, the Kingdom’s unique geographical location allows us to connect regional and international markets. In addition, the Kingdom boasts state-of-the-art industrial infrastructure in over 36 industrial cities across the country. A focus on is an inevitable choice, as evidenced by leadership support for this strategic sector.”

Al-Zamil emphasized that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched the Saudi electric car company Ceer a few days ago.

“Ceer will be an important addition that will make a significant contribution to promoting and strengthening the manufacturing sector in the region and will be the first Saudi brand of electric vehicles in the Kingdom,” he said.

Johnson Controls Chairman George Oliver told Arab News: climate change.

“Advancing the national conversation on energy sustainability by bringing subject matter experts, business leaders, and policy makers together to discuss the need for further innovation in sustainable living and energy consumption is an important part of this event. An important achievement.

“At Johnson Controls International, we believe sustainable innovation is about meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. should be actively incorporated into the innovation process.”

Oliver says buildings now account for nearly 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“Thus, as the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, Johnson Controls is committed to leading the fight against carbon emissions and climate change.”

“Johnson Controls is familiar with the region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. As part of Vision 2030, the Saudi government plans to increase its manufacturing and local content footprint in the country. and the purpose of Johnson Controls converge.

“As a global leader in building technology, we want to be part of the tremendous economic transformation taking place in Saudi Arabia. will be spent, much of it related to renewable energy and sustainable living.”

Mohannad Al-Sheikh, CEO of Johnson Controls Arabia, said the importance of innovative solutions “raising standards for building efficiency and sustainability with ambitious plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Saudi Arabia”. emphasized gender.

“The Kingdom is playing a leading role in tackling climate change and Johnson Controls Arabia hopes to support visionary goals for the local environment by promoting sustainable living standards in the region. increase.”

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