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Saudi Arabian filmmakers bring fresh production methods to KSA screens

Riyadh: A few years ago, campaigns and designs for local fashion brands were usually advertised by models with no faces or indistinguishable white backgrounds, focusing on clothing.

Obad Films is trying to dynamically introduce the clothing line to the audience through the story.

Co-founded by Saudi Arabian duo Faisal Shaath (20 years old) and Ahmed Obad (22 years old), he turned his passion for photography into a reality.

Their focus was to bring a fresh and youthful perspective to the Saudi Arabian filmmaking industry. The company has made a name for itself in Riyadh’s media sector through unconventional video production methods that are driven by the determination to listen and be seen by older generations.

“We’re tired of how things look. It’s always the same. For fashion brands, they’re always shot in the parking lot and always in the desert,” Obad told Arab News. rice field. “The difference between us is that it really goes beyond what we see in the market.”

They described those places as general, but they still used the same settings for fashion brand Whios video campaigns. “We used skateparks, parking lots, and deserts. The way we displayed them all together was entirely different depending on the music choices, sequence methods, and stories told through the video,” Obad said. Mr. says.

The company’s client list consists of brands and companies from various industries. They collaborate with clothing and lifestyle brands Proud Angeles, streetwear and fashion concept store Urban Lot, Saudi Arabia’s largest government-sponsored music festival Soundstorm by MDLBEAST, AlMashtal Creative Space, Huawei and more. ..

I’m tired of the display method. It’s always the same. For fashion brands, it’s always shot in the parking lot and always in the desert. Our difference is that it really goes beyond what is found in the market.

Ahmed ObadCo-founder of Obad Films

The goal is to give developing and start-ups access to high-quality content. “We work with clients who know our target audience / mission, but we need an additional visual kick to start our business in an accurate and effective way,” Shaath told Arab News. I did.

They set up a company to bring “youth lenses to the world” and filled the intergenerational gap in Saudi society, which can sometimes act as a barrier to value. “Youth lenses are primarily eternal creativity. We are constantly striving to bring new, non-obsolete visuals to local tables and provide everything primarily to young people from a market perspective,” Shaath said. Mr. says.

The term “youth” refers to thinking, not to a specific age group. “It’s beyond youth. It’s for young people now, and it means having (understanding) something that really adds value in the creative side when they grow up. “He added.

“The way it was shot, the effects we use, the feeling we give to the whole video, we get this common question over and over again. People say this is done locally. I don’t believe. They ask: “Is this in Riyadh?”

Countries come back to life in different ways for their audience through their creative lenses and youth-based visions.

The two filmmakers are self-taught and have no educational background in filmmaking. Also, I have never been trained in any particular way. Their knowledge of video production comes from their research, content analysis, and the public reaction to their work. They believe this gives them the freedom to experiment and test the boundaries of what filmmaking means or what it looks like in the context of professionals and businesses.

Obad Films has honed its skills for two years since its inception, shooting promotional content for car showrooms and achieving a “breakthrough.” Their skills and passion allow them to quickly pivot to more creative industries in line with their vision, such as fashion and music.

Obad initially acquired editing skills by creating game edits uploaded to YouTube. This has accumulated editing experience. Shaath fostered a creative vision while trying to grow using his filmmaking portfolio as a filmmaker and his friend’s modeling portfolio as the subject matter. “Since then, (our style) has grown,” he said.

Shahs is a follower of Obad’s editorial venture, and they first met through mutual friends at the international school Obad attended. A month later, when 14-year-old Shaath and 16-year-old Obad decided to realize their dreams with a Nikon D750 borrowed from Obad’s father’s photo shop six years ago, Obad Films was in Riyadh. Born in the Oraya district.

They said the Saudi filmmaking community has far more capabilities.

“They are limited to what they have learned and believe that what they have learned was the right way to go. The creativity they have is what they have already done last year. Both development and promotion. Not done, “says Obad. “It’s not what you’ve eaten, it’s what you might be eating.”

The company wants to harness local talent rather than cross-border instruction. “We can enhance all this and enter that market, so clients don’t have to reach the outside (for their expertise). Here’s it,” Obad said. “If we sit down and create what the market has already created, we don’t really develop. For what we see outside the kingdom, we give ourselves I have set my expectations. “

Through their cameras, filmmaking becomes an art that should not be gate-keeping. The traditional rule that accompanies it is not the traditional standard of what it should be, but the obedience to the artistic vision itself.

A few years ago, the industry wasn’t much affected by the divergence, but attitudes are slowly changing. They remembered when someone with a non-artistic background was interested in a particular ad. “They have finally seen that the gap between international and local filmmaking is much smaller. That’s what people know, but the film industry is prospering locally. We don’t allow you to do it. We’re breaking the 101’s, “Shaath said. “We are not bound by any particular standard. We are always trying to push. What’s next? How can we develop? How can we present something else? I I’m not here to do what I did last year. I’m here to do what will be announced later in 2025 and 2030. “

Obad Films is an example of how the concept emerges culturally within the kingdom, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s influence on the Saudi community is deeply rooted in supporting the prosperity of young people’s abilities. .. It provides a fresh perspective on how Saudi efforts were once introduced and what they could be.

But Obad Films isn’t the end of their creator’s path, and their ambitions aren’t over yet. “We want to do more of what we’re doing now, but on a larger scale and on a higher budget,” Shaath said.

Increasing the inventory of equipment is certainly a focus, but we also intend to break all the rules of the book. They aim to be high-end creators who know what they can do. “Even if the frame is wrong. Even if the color scheme is wrong. Yes,” Obad added.

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