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Saudi Arabian Minister emphasizes the importance of cooperation with the United States in education

London: US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia is “extremely important” to develop the partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia and ensure mutual and global peace and prosperity, the Saudi Arabian ambassador said. Stated.

“It’s been about 80 years since the founder of my country, King Abdul Aziz, met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt to lay the foundations for the post-war Middle East,” said Princess Remabinto Bandar. It is described in the opinion article published by Politico. On thursday.

“Since that day, the two countries have worked together to defeat Soviet Communism, guarantee global energy security, contain revolutionary Iran, repel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, and more recently destroy Alcaida and Dash.” She wrote.

Princess Reamer added that the Kingdom and the United States need to do more as partners “in these very dangerous times.”

“As my country develops, so does the partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia, and that is why President Joe Biden’s next visit to Saudi Arabia is so important. We must redefine the outline of the next 80 years of this important alliance in order for relationships to bring peace and prosperity to both our people and the wider world.

“The days when US-Saudi relations could be defined by the outdated and reductionist” oil for security “paradigm are gone. The world is changing, and the existential dangers we all face, including food and energy security and climate change, cannot be resolved without an effective Saudi alliance. “

Princess Reamer said the Kingdom is no longer just a world leader in energy, but a world leader in sustainable development.

“Through education, technology, economic diversification and hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in green energy, we have launched a transformational agenda that unleashes the great potential of young men and women.”

She states that Saudi women enjoy equal pay for equal work and indiscriminate legal guarantees at work: “Some Western countries have not taken such steps.

“Today, women in Saudi Arabia outnumber men in our higher education institutions, and women make up the proportion of Saudi entrepreneurs as in the United States.”

She entered the fields of construction, mining, the military, etc., founded a company, became CEO, and became the head of a government “authorized by the government that we decided to succeed”. Said that.

She recalled her appointment to the embassy as the first woman in Saudi Arabia and said what was happening to women in the kingdom was “a success story that others want to emulate.”

Princess Reamer said the Kingdom is promoting tolerance and interreligious dialogue to achieve greater regional stability.

“Saudi Arabia is certainly rethinking how we express ourselves and interact with the world as a society and culture.”

She also said that if managed responsibly, Saudi Arabia and the United States “can push the Middle East into a new hub in the global supply chain while leading a global transition to renewable energy.”

She called for more cooperation in counterterrorism and crackdowns on terrorists, but said she should do more than just tackle this danger.

“We must provide people in the region with greater hope for the future, so our rethinked partnerships include collaboration from emerging technologies to joint space exploration. Given Saudi Arabia’s position as the birthplace of Islam, there will be a response from Nigeria to Afghanistan. “

“The past few years have shown the inherent instability of our time, from pandemics to food, energy and supply chain crises.” Saudi Arabia said, “The world to renewable energy.” A transition can only occur if we all work together to manage this transition in a way that ensures energy security and global economic growth. ” “We are tackling these challenges with a new mindset,” he added. “

She also said the Kingdom has embraced the transition to green energy, promises net zero emissions by 2060, and aims to shift more than half of the energy industry to renewables by the end of the decade. Said.

“These are commitments that were once considered unimaginable for the world’s central oil banks.”

Princess Reamer said that “there was some confusing water in the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia” in connection with the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Royal Consulate in Istanbul. “Emerged stronger from this horrific tragedy. More stringent safeguards to prevent such atrocities from happening again.”

This case does not define future relationships, “what happened is not what we are doing.”

She concluded, “We are certain that a major crisis will face us, and some of them are confident that we have no way of predicting it.” But our two great nations must confidently confront the unknown. And we need to tackle today’s biggest challenges, from deadly epidemics and food insecurity to a responsible transition to renewables. This is the same enthusiasm that once contained the Communist attacks and the threat to global energy production.

“By working together, we can build a future that we all dream of, a future that our young people can be proud of, and a future that deserves us all.”

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