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Saudi Arabian Minister meets Suriname’s Foreign Minister

Medina: The exhibition of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque architecture is considered a historic heritage because it contains valuable possessions and rare crafts that enrich the visitor’s experience.

Located on an area of ​​2,200 square meters south of the Prophet’s Mosque, it looks back on the architectural history of the building from the first construction by the Prophet Muhammad and his associates to the expansion of the first, second and third Saudi states.

These extensions span more than 1400 years and prove the beauty and sophistication of Islamic architecture, its design and decoration.

In collaboration with the Armadina Armunawara Research and Research Center, the governors of the two St. Mosques emphasized the architectural aspects of the Prophet’s mosque, shed light on its expertise, status and architecture, and culturally in Islamic civilization. Enrich the visitor’s experience at the artistic and cultural level through awareness and detailed, comprehensive presentations.

The presidency has also worked to introduce visitors to the features of the Prophet’s mosque, such as pulpits, mihrabs, dome, canopies, doors, adhans, muezzins, minarets, squares, and services provided to people. ..

The exhibition presents content in several languages ​​through paneling and interactive screens. The output of the exhibition is all in Arabic and English, and the content has been translated into 12 languages.

There is also voice translation, allowing visitors to access the exhibition content via a dedicated device.Visit times are divided into two daily periods, 7 am to noon and 4 pm to 10 pm

The exhibition will feature the latest technology, interactive screens that talk about architecture, information about the Prophet’s Mosque, movies and cinemas.

There is also a special hall for valuable items such as rare and valuable items belonging to the Custodian of the Two Saints and ancient relics that have been preserved since ancient times.

The experience time at the exhibition is about 40 minutes and there are 30 visitors per tour.

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