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Saudi Aramco Talks Sustainable Development at Real Estate Future Forum in Riyadh

RIYADH: Talal Al-Shehail got very emotional when he spoke about his debut show, which opened in Riyadh last week. For the last thirteen years it has been very difficult for him to complete his work.

In an exclusive interview with Arab News, the creative director of Riyadh-based firm Capital Entertainment said the kingdom offers opportunities once a distant dream for artists. That said, he acknowledged that the industry is still in its infancy and more needs to be done for creators to develop their business and technical skills.

When his band, Trip Loon, played in the Jack’s neighborhood last week, he experienced a surge of emotion, including an enormous amount of gratitude. “The band changed names four times with different line-ups. It was so hard to get it up and running the show,” he said.

“Now that we know Saudi Arabia has changed, we don’t have music issues. Now we are allowed. We have been working hard since we started working on forming a band. Now.” , the country has the resources, the infrastructure for that, so I thought it was time to launch and run the debut.


Musician Talal Al-Shehail appreciates the new opportunities the Saudi government has created for musicians and artists in the Kingdom. He stressed the need to advance the development of business and technical skills within the Saudi music industry.

Alshehail graduated from three programs at the New York Film Academy. Her two Masters of Fine Arts degrees in Filmmaking and Production, respectively, and a Diploma in Cinematography.

His career highlights include being featured on both Yahoo Music and Rolling Stone’s Top 20 Most Awesome Music Videos list in 2014 and the Saudi Pioneer Marketing Awards for Best Video Commercial of 2018, receiving critical acclaim in the United States. Includes directing music videos.

Alshehail’s musical journey began while attending college in the UAE with his best friend Mohammed Alshaibi, now a member of Trip Loon. Al-Shaibi quit his first band because he thought his music career was impossible and decided to get married.

In contrast, Archheil was persistent and wanted to live and work in the United States, but was unable to obtain an artist visa. “I couldn’t escape over there. Then I came back and everything was allowed, but there was no infrastructure. Now everything is allowed and the infrastructure is complete. So now everything is possible. It seems,” he said.

Debut roar of success

“I came up with the team that was on the debut show. They were all Saudi. If it looks like they are, I will change the band name from my name to the band name.” Alshehail said in an interview with Capital Entertainment founder Turki Alshagroud and co-founder AlWaleed AlShehail, I’m here.

Talal Al-Shehail, Creative Director of Capital Entertainment in Jax District, Riyadh. (AN photo)

The debut show was a huge success. “The reason for such a good response from the public is that so many big names in Saudi Arabian rock and roll have joined the project, and also from (other) music genres…they “One of the few musicians in America and Saudi Arabian rock scene legend Amro Hawari was there to support us,” the artist said.

He said the plan was to tour the kingdom with Tripp Loon, which included producing more music and performing at wrestling shows. , (again) to do a single out, I just want to do one single, and I’m going to focus on completing my first album.

“After we’ve written nine of the ten songs we wrote for our first album, we’ll finish it. Just put aside a budget to track it, and we can release it,” he said. Told.

Alshehail thinks he has a lot to look forward to. “This is not an opportunity that we should take lightly. It’s not just about developing too early.

“I think every artist needs to take this opportunity seriously and create well-thought-out songs that have a very powerful impact on the listener,” he said.

Capital Entertainment’s slogan is ‘Merit before Hype’, summarizing its aim to ‘train future Saudi artists and co-produce content to garner popularity and critical acclaim both locally and internationally’. I’m here.

“We want to professionalize this industry. We have resources, but we need to specialize in music business, sound engineering and live sound skills. Like, we need training, workshops and conferences,” he said.

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