Saudi court convicts six Pakistanis of beating and desecrating Masjid Nabawi at Pakistani Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif

Islamabad, August 6th: A Saudi court on Thursday convicted six Pakistanis of desecrating the holy city of Masjid Nabawi, chanting slogans against Pakistani Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif and his delegation.

Some of the protesters, allegedly affiliated with Pakistan’s Terek-e-Insaf (PTI), have chanted slogans against Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif’s delegation in Saudi Arabia, blaming Masjid Nabawi’s violated sanctity.Israel attacks Gaza, killing 4, wounding 15

A video showing hundreds of pilgrims raising the ‘chor chor’ has gone viral on social media platforms. [thieves] The slogan when I saw the delegation heading to Masjid Nabawi.

A court in Saudi Arabia convicted six Pakistanis, three of whom were sentenced to 10 years in prison each and three Pakistanis to eight years each, Pakistan said. local media News International reported. The US unemployment rate fell to 3.5% and employers added 528,000 jobs despite high inflation.

All six were convicted of blasphemy in Harm-e-Madina, according to a Saudi court. Anas, Irshad and Muhammad Salim he was sentenced to 10 years and Khwaja Luqman, Muhammad Afzal and Ghulam Muhammad to 8 years.

In the video, Information Minister Mariyum Aurangzeb and National Assembly member Shazain Bugti were seen among others.

According to Pakistani newspapers, Aurangzeb indirectly blamed the exiled Imran Khan. “I don’t want to use this land for politics, so I won’t mention this person’s name in this holy land. But they have destroyed the country. [Pakistani] society,” she said.

This took place during Pakistani Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif’s first official visit to Saudi Arabia over a three-day period. The Pakistani Prime Minister’s visit to the Kingdom was accompanied by dozens of government officials and political leaders.

In addition, a court in Madinah fined six people 200,000 riyals and confiscated six of their mobile phones after they were convicted of abusing the Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Mariyam Aurangzeb and other ministers.

A statement issued by a spokesperson for the Madinah Police said, “The legal process has been completed with the arrest of these Pakistanis and the matter has been referred to the appropriate authorities.” (Ani)

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