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Saudi lab trains new generation to keep old traditions alive

Saudi Arabia is determined to honor all its commitments to human rights, special envoy tells UN

NEW YORK CITY: Saudi Arabia is determined to fulfill all its obligations under international human rights treaties and is committed to cooperating with all institutions established under those treaties, Thursday was heard by the United Nations Commission.

The pledge was made by Abdul Aziz Alwasir, the Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, during a meeting of the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. He is one of the GA’s six main committees, dealing with human rights, humanitarian and social issues. We meet in October each year and aim to complete the work by the end of November.

Saudi Arabia is a party to five major UN human rights treaties on economic, social and cultural rights. Combat discrimination based on race and gender. Prohibition of torture and enforced disappearance. Protect the rights of children, migrant workers and persons with disabilities.

Alwasir told the commission that his country has embarked on a major program of human rights reforms since the launch of the Saudi Vision 2030 development strategy. These include “strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks and procedures that protect human rights and developing remedies, especially at the judicial level, which is a major guarantor of the protection and promotion of human rights,” he said. rice field.

“My government also supports human rights organizations and institutions, as well as individuals, by engaging in relevant systems, programs and policy projects.

“Such reforms, and the short period in which they were achieved, demonstrate the Kingdom’s determination to move forward in doing all it can to promote and protect human rights. It includes programs that go beyond boundaries, improve the quality of life and ensure the prosperity and well-being of all inhabitants of the Kingdom.”

The Saudi envoy reiterated the Kingdom’s emphasis on cooperation with international mechanisms related to the protection and promotion of human rights. He said a program designed to improve state capacity is underway, in line with a memorandum of understanding between the Kingdom and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, represented by the Commission on Human Rights.

Saudi Arabia continues to push for human rights reforms at home, but this does not mean it is “reaching out to provide humanitarian assistance to all those affected in areas of disaster and conflict around the world.” No, Alwasir said.

According to the United Nations, Saudi Arabia ranks third among major donors in 2021. Just last week, the kingdom announced her $400 million package of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including food and medicine.

In addition, Saudi aid to Palestine in the past two years has reached $500 million, Alwasil said. He said the Palestinian cause would continue to be the Kingdom’s “primary cause” and that “until the fraternal Palestinian people acquire all their rightful rights, their most important right is to make East Jerusalem their capital.” It is the establishment of an independent state that

Meanwhile, al-Wasir said it was the kingdom’s “obligation”, not an option, to stand in solidarity with the Yemeni people facing aggression by Iran-backed Houthi militias.

He reiterated the Kingdom’s support for all international efforts to reach a political solution within the country based on Security Council resolution 2216 and other regional initiatives, and reiterated that Yemeni citizens “neither adults nor children are immune”. It again condemned the Houthi violations of its rights.

Al-Wasir pledged his country will continue to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen.

The ambassador also spoke of the plight of the Rohingya. “I’m watching,” he said.

He commended the efforts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to provide assistance to the Rohingya, including working with the Third Commission.

Regarding the war in Syria, al-Wasir called for “urgent political solutions to bring Syria out of danger, rid it of terrorist organizations and outside influences, and allow Syrian refugees to return to their homes and start rebuilding.” rice field.

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