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Saudi leaders are rebuking Egypt for a car accident that killed at least 25 people

Riyadh: The Jacks district of Ad Diriyah is open to the Saudi people with an immersive experience of art and virtual reality under the theme of “windows to the senses”.

The JACCS Art Festival encourages the audience to indulge in the five senses through showcases of works by artists from around the world. The area has a collection of artist studios and frequent public engagement events.

At the first KENPOKU ART 2016, this experience also makes Saudis and tourists “inspiring”, allowing visitors to touch, create, or be part of the artwork itself. I can do it.

As you walk through the entrance to the Jacks Art Festival, you’ll be surrounded by a slow-moving fog of your first work. Emiratis artist Alisa Musayeck’s artwork, Clear Vision — The beginning of the journey is the first work a visitor sees.

“We are proud that our work has been featured in such a beautiful festival, and that Saudi Arabia has opened up and adopted art in such an innovative way. “Mzayyek told Arab News.

Featuring a collection of suspended rocks carrying plants native to Saudi Arabia, this work symbolizes the upward vision of the kingdom.

In the adjoining hall, a large number of people surround the artworks and performances at hand. Interactive art painting that allows visitors to create paintings using pendulum techniques, giant black LED cubes that respond to every movement, live music experience and more.

In a sense, this festival aims to highlight the art scene that is accessible to the general public. Ultimately, the festival creates a space where art is an entertainment channel and removes the elitist layer that can create art that threatens the general public.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now raises the bar for quality of life through a clear direction of the cultural and artistic substance of the Kingdom, led by the Ministry of Culture, and is an artistic and artistic and cultural scene within the Kingdom Vision 2030.” , Artist Abdel Rahman El Shahed told Arab News.

His work was inspired by the words of Prince Badel bin Farhan, Minister of Culture. He states: “The story of Arabic calligraphy is a story of civilization, heritage, culture, and life.”

Interdisciplinary artist Elham Dawsari told Arab News: It’s what art is in a way that breaks down the barriers people have to art and speaks more to them. “

Dawsari assembles her work in the context of Saudi women and urban growth boundaries. Some are worried that the past will be forgotten as the kingdom moves toward the future. The four sculpted women of Dausari, who are active every day, pay tribute to the forgotten members of the Saudi Arabian people who have sacrificed their dreams and ambitions to nurture an unprecedented generation.

“They are the seeds of this beautiful change,” she told Arab News. “They felt like they hadn’t heard of it for a very long time, but now it’s like it’s happening again. We’re all grateful for their efforts, but publicly. I’m not really trying to show you. “

French artist Julian Gardea has taken an abstract approach to visualizing Saudi culture by carving various depictions of Saudi culture and heritage on medium density fiberboard. The designs cut into the wooden boards are all carved in a single line, creating positive and negative contrasts, placed separately and used to build his pillars.

“You let me see my culture and country through another light,” a woman told Gardair.

Having visited the kingdom in the past before the COVID-19 pandemic, he derived his image that influenced many of the local festival attendees.

“One shed tears. The other taught me how beautiful it is for foreigners to draw like this. It may have been suffering from the image that people had spread abroad. I noticed, “he told Arab News.

Guatemalan artist Maria Innes Henry (Mira) sits in a color block chair watching her reaction to her artwork, Colors of Life.

“Grandmother, she’s so excited that she starts crying … you can feel the power,” she told Arab News. “When you see people interacting with my art, there’s a goose bump … you have this idea inside and take it into the physical world.”

Henry’s other work, “Gift to Saudi,” is an abstract form that reproduces the Jax logo. This is the result of seven years of research and research on the psychology of color and how individuals connect with color.

She puts the tones together in a color blast on eight separate pillars. Audiences can interact with the work by sitting in an auxiliary chair and taking pictures in different shades.

The local works of art exhibited at the festival will be refined during life in the kingdom. The work of Saudi artist Ummkartoum Alarawi is inspired by Mashrabiyat, the exterior of the historic Jeddah building, where women in the city historically spent most of their time. Although it may seem complicated from a distance, this work is based on the geometry formed by the three main strokes of straight lines, slopes and curves.

Repeating shapes are built to create cascaded images. All of these are aimed at demonstrating sociality, community and family excellence within the community.

“What makes it seem complicated is that they meet and are intertwined together,” Al Alawi told Arab News.

“All geometry comes from circles, circles come from points. The entire universe comes from points, not everything.”

As long lines of visitors await admission, the XR Experience immerses participants in historic sites within Saudi Arabia, especially Alura and historic Jeddah.

Another attraction, the “Renaissance 3D” experience, is curated to adapt to Saudi culture through augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

The Jacks Art Festival is free and will be open to the public in Riyadh until July 24th.

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