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Saudi-led coalition launches “massive” Yemeni assault

Jazan, Saudi Arabia: The handouts provided yesterday show where a projectile launched from Yemen landed and killed two people. – AFP

Military operations begin after Houthi missiles kill two in the kingdom

Riyadh: A Saudi-led coalition launched a “massive” attack on Yemen yesterday after a missile launched by Iran-backed Houthi rebels killed two people in the kingdom. Yemen has been suffering from a civil war since 2014, pushing an internationally recognized government backed by a Saudi-led military coalition against the Houthi, which controls much of the north.

According to Saudi Arabia’s civil defense, recent violence occurred overnight when two people, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, were killed in a projectile attack on Jazan. “A military projectile fell into a commercial store on Main Street, killing two people,” adding that six Saudis and Bangladeshi people were injured. Images from the official Saudi press agency in the aftermath of the attack showed that there was a large crater on the ground and the vehicle was destroyed.

Shortly thereafter, the Saudi-led coalition said it was “preparing for a major military operation.” After that, the airstrikes started. Saudi officials said the coalition government will hold a press conference today to keep up with the latest developments and made earlier recommendations for yesterday.

In a statement on the Houthi telegram channel, spokesman Yahya Saree said rebels had launched three ballistic missiles at Jazan, the southern region of the kingdom bordering Yemen. Armed groups often launch missiles and drones into Saudi Arabia, targeting their airports and oil infrastructure. The latest is the first in more than three years to die in the kingdom, recording the first death in a Houthi missile attack when a missile attacked Riyadh in 2018. A series of rampaging airstrikes hit Sana’a.

Saudi Arabia and its ally, the United States, have long accused Iran of supplying the Houthi with sophisticated weapons on suspicion of denial by the Islamic Republic. The U.S. Navy said this week it had seized 1,400 AK-47 rifles and ammunition from a fishing vessel claiming to be smuggling weapons from Iran to the Houthi. “The stateless vessels originated in Iran and were evaluated as having passed the high seas along the route historically used to illegally transport weapons to the Houthi movement in Yemen.”
On Thursday, the day after the coalition targeted the Houthi military camp in Sana’a, the military alliance shot down a bomb-laden drone near Abuha Airport in the south of the kingdom, dropping debris nearby, but leaving no casualties. Said that. Earlier this week, aid flights were exempted for Sana’a Airport, which had been significantly suspended due to blockades since August 2016.

In a message on Christmas Day, Pope Francis lamented the fact that the “great tragedy” in conflict-stricken Arab countries, including Yemen, was “inherited in silence.” “Listen to the cry of children from Yemen, where the huge tragedy that everyone overlooks has been quiet for years and is causing death every day,” he said in the Vatican.

The United Nations World Food Program warned of the country’s surge in hunger, saying it was “forced” to reduce aid to Yemen due to lack of funding. The United Nations estimates that the war in Yemen will kill 377,000 people by the end of the year, both through direct and indirect effects. More than 80 percent of Yemen’s population of about 30 million need humanitarian assistance in saying that the United Nations is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. — AFP

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