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Saudi medical facility honored at patient safety conference

Al-Mahri, Yemen: On Mahri Language Day, a Mahri Forum was held at Kishun School in Al-Mahri Governorate with the participation of the Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction of Yemen.

The purpose of the Forum is to contribute to raising awareness and development of cultural heritage and to protect it from extinction.

Participation in SDRPY is not only related to supporting Yemeni culture, but also strengthening relations between the two countries.

“We wish Yemen all the best and to recover in a safe, prosperous and stable environment. May Yemen contribute to the projects and initiatives organized by SDRPY. Abdullah Basilman, director of SDRPY’s program office, said:

Maari is a Semitic language like Sokotri and Sheri. Through participation in the forum, SDRPY aims to contribute to the revival of the Marley language and prevent its extinction.

https://www.arabnews.com/node/2174456/saudi-arabia Saudi medical facility honored at patient safety conference

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