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Saudi navy seizes large amount of drugs in Gulf of Oman

Jeddah: “Art Residency Al-Balad” opens its third edition on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in an open studio on the grounds of Rubat Al Kunj Al Saghir in Al Balad, Jeddah, featuring works by residents. closed.

Hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and run by Hafez Projects, the public was invited to visit the studios of resident artists, learn about their projects and experiences, and discuss their artistic aspirations.

This program offered a six-week residency for emerging and mid-career artists, curators, and researchers from Japan and abroad.

Participating artists — Ahmed Ben Taleb from Morocco, Andrea Alkalay from Argentina, Ashwag Kojah from Jeddah, Asmaa Alfageeh from Al-Qunfudhah, Eligatou from Riyadh, Fernando Martín Velazco from Mexico, Kawthar Smaren from Riyadh, Khalid Alangari from Dawadmi, Mahmoud Manning UK — I exhibited my work and interacted with the general public.

Fernando Martin Velasco. (attached)

Mohamed Ali Ghomriani, Managing Director of Hafez Projects, said: Program Alvarado. The Open Studio was an opportunity for the residents to showcase to the public the results of their work over the past six weeks. “

“It was also an opportunity to once again witness the interest and enthusiasm of all the guests who visited our Art Residency during the event. It underscores the importance of continuing to support the initiative and artists.”

Ghomriani said the open studio is a space for sharing knowledge and experiences about art, culture and local heritage. He added that it also offers opportunities to discover new perspectives on Al Balad and the city of Jeddah.

He said such dialogue is necessary to foster creativity and knowledge both within and outside the arts sector.

Sculpture by Khalid Arangari. (attached)

Academic researcher Alfageeh said: This has allowed me to improve my skills in doing research on topics not previously covered in Saudi Arabia. “

Alfageeh’s research interests include art, literary texts, television programs, and films that discuss issues related to Muslim identity, multiculturalism, Islamophobia, radicalization, and terrorism in Western and Arab contexts. .

“During the residency program, I conducted several necessary interviews for research purposes related to the art scene. I have learned that the various art forms have helped document Saudi Arabia’s culture.I believe art is important to the expression of the country.

Asmar Alphagy. (attached)

A Riyadh-based artist in residence, Sumalen pursued art as a hobby before embarking on her studies, where she learned the basics of her craft, different styles, eras, schools and contemporary trends.

“My work was intended to pay homage to Alvarado’s architectural beauty and the historical importance of this country. encouraged artists to experience and develop their practice by engaging in the opportunities of

Cowser Smullen. (attached)

International artists attending for the first time saw the event as a great opportunity to be part of this initiative to foster local, regional and international development in contemporary art.

Part of the Ministry of Culture’s Advancing Cultural Entrepreneurship initiative, Art Residency Al-Balad is sponsored by the Saudi Vision 2030 Quality of Life programme. This reflects the Kingdom’s support for fostering creativity among Saudi and international practitioners.

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