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SAUDIA resumes flights to Mauritius!

SAUDIA Airlines will resume direct flights to Mauritius three times a week. With the resumption of flights, Saudi Arabia will be able to travel back to this magnificent destination and enjoy what this paradise island offers.

Saudis visiting Mauritius feel immediately welcomed from the beginning. They are treated warmly by the hospitality of the locals, Mauritius, rooted in an extraordinary combination of culture, religion and ethnicity. All communities live in harmony by nurturing their own culture and heritage and sharing it with their visitors.

Mauritius has a lot to offer to Saudi travelers, including families, couples, adventure travelers, or Saudis who want to see this paradise island and everything it offers. Here are some of the most unforgettable experiences of your stay in Mauritius.

Surrounded by beautiful white sands and cliffs, the island offers stunning views that vary by season and time of day, along with a blue lagoon. The coastal landscape also varies from region to region, but there is nothing similar. I’m sure it’s a spectacular sight!

Mauritius is an island and water sports are a must-see. Regardless of age or fitness level, you’re sure to find the right activity for you. Activities such as paddling, kayaking, stand-up paddles, and glass-bottom boating include certain outing operators such as dolphin watching and big fishing, submarine rides, underwater walks, underwater scooters, and parasailing. I’m looking for a more thrilling activity.

In addition to water activities, Mauritius offers many adventurous travelers, trekking, quad bikes, safaris, horseback riding, double ziplines and skydiving, both in the air and on land.

However, not all activities are for adrenaline-filled travelers. Mauritius boasts exclusive rights to one of the world’s most romantic destinations, a romantic dinner on the beach under the stars, a wellness package for couples at the spa, and Catamaran Cruise. Saudis who want to realize their dreams and spend the most beautiful day of their lives on the tropical islands of the beach at dusk, we can make it!

And finally, Mauritius is perfect for this Eid family trip and quality time. Traveling to Mauritius with the family, Saudi Arabia offers activities for all ages that are perfect for the quality of the family time. Young people and young people in the heart.

The time spent at the hotel will never be boring. Mauritius hotels offer a wide selection of sea and land activities for families. There are also arts and cooking workshops, where you can have fun with your family and learn a little more about local cuisine. Some children prefer to spend time in the kids club with other children at the resort while their parents relax at the beach or spa. Babysitter service is also normally available. The proposed activities are highly diverse and witty, both indoors and outdoors, and are suitable for different age groups. Some resorts plan to go out on the surrounding islands for teens who love to play adventurers.

SAUDIA’s flights have resumed, eliminating the PCR test requirements for traveling to the island last March. Traveling to Mauritius is easier than in other countries. Now is the best time to visit and see Mauritius.

http://www.eyeofriyadh.com/news/details/1650678695- SAUDIA resumes flights to Mauritius!

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