Save the Date: Star Festival Returns to Monaco

Chefs appearing again this year festival of stars Announced. Britain’s Claire Smith, Australia’s Sean Hargut, France’s Bruno Verge and Italy’s Davide Ordany join Monaco’s Michelin-starred chefs to deliver a series of exclusive dining experiences.

These days, few throw a stone without going to a Michelin-starred restaurant in Monaco. Diners have more compelling options than ever before, so it takes something really special to generate some serious buzz.

That topic is here. After its successful launch in 2021, the Monte Carlo Festival of the Stars (Festival des Etoiles Monte-Carlo) will return to the principality this fall. Monte-Carlo SBM will once again offer foodies the opportunity to sample a menu prepared by four Michelin-starred chefs. Each chef has invited special guests to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Everything starts on Friday 2nd In September, at Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris, Alain Ducasse himself will serve a special lunch and dinner with Chef Emmanuel Pilon and three Michelin-starred Claire Smith. British Smith trained under the legendary Dukas early in her career and opened her own establishment, her Core by Clare Smyth, making her the first in the UK to earn her three Michelin stars. Became an earned woman.

Chefs of Monaco: Alain Ducasse, Marcel Lavant, Dominique Lorry, Yannick Alleno

next to 7th October is the dynamic duo of Monte-Carlo Bay’s Marcel Rabin and modernist Australian chef Sean Hargut. Ravin’s Caribbean-inspired cuisine has made a name for himself, earning him two Michelin stars and making him one of Monaco’s most sought-after chefs.

Hergatt, now ported to New York, has won both the Best Young Chef and Best New Restaurant awards. new york times, Michelin guide When esquire magazineHis creativity is the ideal complement to Ravin’s exotic cuisine.

followed by 15 daysth In October, Yannick Alleno and Bruno Verjus team up for a night to remember. Only recently did the 3-star Alleno open a new look restaurant. Pavillon Monte Carlo, At the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, where he works his magic every day.

Joined by businessman-turned-food writer and chef Bruno Verge. Verju was in his fifties when he opened his first restaurant. tableand is now one of France’s most respected chefs, earning his second Michelin star this year.

finally on the 21stst and 22nd In October, Dominic Lorry, Executive Chef of Le Grill at the Hôtel de Paris, will join Davide Ordani for two incredible evenings. Rory worked with Alain Ducasse for many years, earning him accolades and skill.

Italian chef Ordani brings his ‘Cucina Pop’ to Monaco, introducing his delicious flavors and simple recipes to the Principality’s fine dining establishments for a spectacular evening.

For event details and reservations, website.

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Yannick Alleno presents Pavillon Monte-Carlo Save the Date: Star Festival Returns to Monaco

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