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#Save_Burqa: Qatar Social Media Users Lead Call to Save Palestinian Village-Doha News

Settlers continue to attack Palestinians under the protection of the Israeli occupying forces.

Qatar’s social media users tweeted with the hashtag #Save_Burqa as Israeli settlers escalated attacks on Palestinians living in various villages on the west bank of the illegally occupied West Bank.

In Qatar, journalists and activists called for an immediate end to settler-led violence in Palestinian villages.

“The West Bank recently witnessed a significant increase in settlers’attacks, but the time has passed when settlers just moved with soldiers for fear of resistance.” Isa Dean Ahmad, Al Araby TV journalist.

another Twitter user In Qatar, he said: Do not waste this very simple effort to protect our holiness in Palestine and to solidarity with Palestine and its people and their resistance. “

In addition to the burqa, attacks on Palestinians also occurred in other parts of the occupied west bank, including the village of Bazariya.

The attack on Burqa was intensified by a violent settlers rally in a village on the west bank on Thursday as Israeli occupying forces attacked Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets.

Ambulance and Emergency Department Director Palestine Red Crescent [PRCS] Ahmad Jibril of the province of Nables said on Saturday that health care workers had treated 247 injured so far.

Some Palestinians were injured in live ammunition and more than 100 were suffocated by Tiagas. Among them were pregnant women who had to evacuate from their homes.

Images and videos, on the other hand, show that thousands of Zionist settlers are racist slogans while trying to destroy Palestinian property, set fire to homes, destroy graveyards, and blasphemy. Was shown.

Farmers and journalists were also attacked.

Dr. Ahed Tamimi, a scholar in the British Mandate Palestine, told Doha News that the recent crimes committed by the settlers are not surprising.

“The Zionist colonial invasion is essentially a settler’s project. This is an early invader to the Palestinians who culminated in Nakuba when the majority of the indigenous people were disposed of and exiled in 1948. That’s what I did, “said Dr. Tamimi.

Scholars quoted past colonial pioneer projects as saying that Zionist attacks would continue until “three consequences” were reached.

“The first result is a decisive victory for the indigenous people’s extinct settlers project, as it happened in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand,” said Dr. Tamimi.

He added that the second result would include “a decisive victory for struggling indigenous peoples and the expulsion of invading colonialists,” using Algeria and Vietnam as examples.

“The third result is a reconciliation that all the inhabitants of the land will be equal citizens and the apartheid government will be replaced by the same democracy that happened in South Africa. So far, the third result. Seems unlikely, “said the scholar.

Expansion of Israel

by Palestinian News Agency [WAFA]Zionist settlers, protected by Israeli troops, repeatedly attacked and attempted to attack Palestinian homes on the outskirts of the villages of Burqa, Sebastian, and Bazariya.

Qatar’s Shura Council Supports Palestine at the Islamic Congress of the Confederation of Turkey

Settler mobs attacked Palestinians who passed by without provocation. Mohammed Hija, 50, said he was attacked by Israeli settlers on his way home on the weekend, and his attackers began to inject him with unknown drugs.

Settlers are gathering at an illegal Homesh outpost northwest of Nables to commemorate the Israeli settlers Yehuda Dimentman, who were killed by two Palestinians on December 16.

A group of ultra-Orthodox settlers has asked the Israeli government to allow them to return to the illegal Homesh settlements they had evacuated in 2005.

According to WAFA, more than 500,000 Israeli settlers live in Jewish-only colonial settlements throughout the West Bank, in violation of international law.

Under the protection of the Israeli government and the lack of proper action by the international community, settlers’ violence continues on illegally occupied Palestinian lands to expel indigenous Arabs.

This is routinely seen in areas such as the Sheikhjara district, where some Palestinian families face the constant threat of forced disposal.

Qatar is one of the countries that has long condemned Israel’s actions while eliminating normalization with Tel Aviv, as long as it continues to deny Palestinian human rights.

In October, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Altani revealed his position on the issue.

“We have repeated this many times. This expansionist policy that Israel is doing by expanding its settlements and escalating to Palestinians is a major violation, and unfortunately the international community has this. We treat the issue on a double standard, “he said.

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