SBM heads for the future of the MaVieen Rose finale

“Rose is the Future” was the last curtain of the year Ma Vie en Rose A grand closing dinner featuring a spring program by Monte Carlo SBM, the futuristic sounds of renowned composer Thomas Roussel, the cuisine of two Michelin star chefs Marcel Ravin, and the romantic poolside setting of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort.

Since early March, the Monte Carlo Society de Bandmer (SBM) has been entertaining the inhabitants and visitors of the Principality in its unique way. Ma Vie en Rose Program, colorful celebration of spring in Monaco. From the floral spinning installations created by Eva Domitrenko and Celine Pajes to the sweet scented floral self-frames in the casino’s atrium to the Sunday Rose brunch available in Blue Bay, the vibrancy and joy of spring is in full bloom.

On Saturday night, Monte Carlo SBM took it to another level, enjoying sparkling rosé around the lagoon, then inviting guests to embark on a spaceship for the future while enjoying a romantic dinner at the atrium. ..

Rose is a photo by Monaco Life, a future event

At the table around Monte Carlo Baypool, we enjoyed a “Journey to the End of Desire” featuring a meteorite bowl and a giant chocolate saturn, a gastronomic menu designed by two Michelin star chefs, Marcel Ravin.

Harpist Naomi Green joined the orchestra to perform the work of the famous composer Thomas Roussel. This is the futuristic sound of the Crystal Batchet, which is the highlight of the night.

Spectacular performance by harpist Naomi Green and orchestra, photo by Monaco Life

Jean-Luc Biamonti, CEO of Monte-Carlo SBM, thanked the guests who attended in the evening and thanked SBM for their participation. joy of living, Not only in the plight of Ukrainians through sales around 100 Art Installation Spinning Wheel For the benefit of the victims of the war.

Held annually as part of SBM’s “Great Art of Living” philosophy, it is the brilliant end of another unique event program that offers a unique experience at the company’s hotels, spas and restaurants and maintains its legend. bottom. This is Monaco.

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All images by Cassandra Tanti for Monaco Life SBM heads for the future of the MaVieen Rose finale

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