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SC centered on the plea of ​​the Minority Educational Institutions Act

New Delhi: The Supreme Court complained on Monday as the Center did not submit any response to the plea to challenge the validity of Article 2 (f) of the National Minority Education Act 2004 and charged a cost of Rs 7,500. ..

Judge SK Cowl and Judge MM Sandresh’s Bench were informed that the Center had circulated a letter requesting the postponement of this issue, so to the Center’s lawyers, it was only circulating the letter, He said he has not been based on this issue so far. “How long does it take?” It asked.

The plea submitted by advocate Ashwini Upadhyay also states that Hindus are a minority in 10 states, but cannot take advantage of the plans for the minority to identify the minority at the state level. We asked the center for instructions to establish guidelines. ..

Vikas Singh, a senior lawyer who appeared in the petitioner, opposed the letter circulated by the center, arguing that the government’s position on this issue was important.

Bench told additional Solicitor General KM Nataraj, who had appeared at the center, to tackle the problem, and he said the government would follow.

At that time, the court pointed out that it had been notified of the August 2020 plea and ordered the defense counsel not to make excuses, which is very unacceptable.

Bench said it was unfair that the Center had not submitted an affidavit so far, and that equality before the law must be applied uniformly, without imposing costs on the Center and to others. He added that he would not charge any costs. It’s not fair.

Bench said he would give the center’s lawyers an additional four weeks and asked the Supreme Court Bar Association Advocate Welfare Fund to deposit a cost of Rs 7,500.

The Supreme Court will further hear this issue on March 28.

On January 7, the Supreme Court stated that the government had to tackle this issue and gave the center a “last opportunity” to file an affidavit within four weeks.

Plea was alleged to challenge the validity of Section 2 (f) of the National Minor Education Act of 2004, giving the Center unlimited power, and apparently arbitrary, irrational, and offensive. I am.

https://www.siasat.com/take-a-stand-sc-to-centre-on-plea-on-minority-education-institution-law-2267448/ SC centered on the plea of ​​the Minority Educational Institutions Act

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