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SC is not convinced as the center says there is no starvation death even during a pandemic

New Delhi: The center told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that there have been no recent starvation deaths, even during the Covid pandemic, due to “comprehensive policies and measures” taken by both the central and state governments, but the court is convinced. He said he didn’t.

The Supreme Court has pressured to clarify if Attorney General KK Benugopal has now issued a statement that there is no starvation death in the country, and has also sought data to substantiate this claim.

In the affidavit, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution stated: Even in a disadvantageous situation like a pandemic in this country these days. “

At a hearing, Bench, led by Judge NV Ramana, said, “Are you currently making a statement that there is no starvation death in this country?” After submitting that the AG has not reported starvation deaths in any state. I asked.

Bench, consisting of Judges AS Bopanna and Judge Himacoli, further argued, “Can you afford to say that there is no starvation?”

He added that Venugopal’s recurring states have not reported starvation deaths, and the states must respond to this, and the facts about malnutrition cannot be denied.

After that, Bench said: “The Government of India needs to provide data and up-to-date information on hunger death. Ask officers to provide information.”

Asking the center to develop a model for implementing a national community kitchen scheme, the court also emphasized that the center should provide additional grain to the state to implement it, “to starvation. We have to deal with it. “

“Hunger must be taken care of to be satisfied, and the poor who are on the street and suffering for it.”

The Supreme Court hears the PIL submitted by social activists Anun Dhawan, Ishann Dhawan, and Kunjana Singh and goes to the Center to create a national food grid for those who do not fall under the public distribution scheme. I was asking for instructions. The petitioner claimed that it was time for the state to take steps to set up a community kitchen.

At the hearing, Bench said logistics would not be an issue for the state government, as community kitchens are a popular scheme. “On popularity,” he added, all governments would want to do this.

“It’s time for elections, so I don’t want to comment … the government offers many other welfare systems,” the presiding judge said. He added that the government can give something to those who have been robbed to survive.

Quoting the state government’s answer, Bench said that some of them have already set up community kitchens and now they are seeking funding and some are ready to start but need funding. Stated.

Citing the Center’s affidavit, Bench said nowhere was it showing that the government was considering formulating a plan. “It doesn’t say what you raised or what you’re doing. We wanted a unified model from the center,” he said.

To conclude the hearing, the Supreme Court requested the Center to submit an answer to the state to provide additional grain, and was scheduled to hold another hearing three weeks later.

The Supreme Court has also given the state the freedom to submit affidavits on the issues of malnutrition and starvation.

https://www.siasat.com/sc-not-convinced-as-centre-says-no-starvation-death-even-during-pandemic-2260611/ SC is not convinced as the center says there is no starvation death even during a pandemic

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