Scaling Ethereum, Multi-Collateralized Stablecoins and More

GTON Capital is advancing the blockchain industry with Web3-era solutions.

The world of crypto is new and the most popular blockchains i.e. Bitcoin and Ethereum are not at all suitable for global trading currencies. .

There are many reasons why people are looking for new ideas in the blockchain space. ETH transactions are expensive and the ETH network cannot scale to meet current demand. People love NFTs, and as the Web3 platform grows in popularity, demand for these tools will grow even more.

Additionally, major cryptocurrencies are too volatile to be used as a means of payment. ETH hit around $4,500 in its last run, so it’s clear that it’s dropped below $2,000, and the way he holds fiat currency, it’s hard for anyone to hold ETH.

GTON Capital has solutions that make cryptocurrencies scalable and enable existing networks to be used for a variety of new applications. Let’s see what GTON Capital brings.

GTON Capital Creates Solutions

GTON Capital already has a solution for the ETH ecosystem that addresses all the major issues facing it.

These three tools allow people to make ETH-based transactions quickly and at low cost. It can also handle wild price fluctuations, so people can hold their assets without any worries.

The GTON protocol has three main components, including the Ethereum rollup. Here’s what the GTON protocol offers for his Web3 tech world and beyond:

GCD stablecoin

GTON Capital Dollar is a stablecoin that uses a multi-collateralized protocol to back its value. GCD’s symbol, the GTON capital dollar, uses a soft peg to the US dollar because cryptos like Ethereum are too volatile to be used as currencies. It is also an integral part of the GTON Network Rollup.

By using algorithms combined with smart contracts, GTON Capital Dollar maintains a soft peg to the US dollar. GCD uses other major cryptos as collateral, including BTC, ETH, and PAXG. Its architecture is similar to other algorithmic stablecoins such as DAI, GHO, MIM, sUSD, LUSD and USDP.

GTON network

GTON Network is the Ethereum Optimistic Rollup protocol. Use GCD as a gas currency and help people save money by making remittances more efficient.GTONNet supports smart contracts created for the Ethereum mainnet and other EVM-based networks EVM compatible network.

Additionally, GTONNet supports MetaMask wallets, HardHat, and bridges, making it perfect for both users and developers. While similar in some respects to Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis and Boba, users will be able to trade in his GCD stablecoin, avoiding high gas prices and market volatility.

GTON Staking

GTON Staking allows protocol contributors to benefit from the developing GTONNet ecosystem. With all these tools, GTON Capital provides better solutions for the growing Web3 economy.

GTON Capital: Scalability and Beyond

GTONNet provides options for developers when they need to develop a platform that works at scale. This is L2 on Ethereum mainnet, but can be recursively scaled to L3/4 and other layers.

A practical result of this technology is that other companies can run licensed L3 on top of the GTONNet rollup, and dApps can take advantage of the rollup when they need to scale.

GTON Capital makes it easy for other developers to create useful L3 solutions without having to worry about how it will scale on the ETH blockchain. DeFi gaming is a clear market for GTON Capital’s technology, and any dApp that needs large-scale, fast, and cheap transactions can use GTONNet.

why roll up?

So why does an Ethereum rollup make so much sense?

The simple reason rollups work is because the idea of ​​rollups really works. ETH trading remains expensive even after cryptocurrency prices drop.

Will merging help?

Possibly, but even with a PoS architecture, Ethereum could be more expensive than other blockchains, and there could be network congestion issues.

Enter Rollup.

A rollup takes a group of Ethereum transactions and creates them at once. By limiting the on-chain footprint of transaction groups, costs go down and everything speeds up.

Sure, it’s possible that the next few years will improve how Ethereum works, but the rollup deals with Ethereum as it is today, and will only become more efficient as the blockchain improves.

GTON Capital looks to the future

GTON Capital believes new ideas are taking hold in both the cryptocurrency space and the global digital economy.

The innovation it brings to the market could bring billions of users into the global decentralized economy. We see a new global space where people can interact and transfer value.

Certainly Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi and NFTs have served as strong proofs of concept. A new dawn is now upon us and GTON Capital is ready to rise with it.

of Gton App interface

value proposition

GTON Capital offers something for everyone in the decentralized ecosystem. Retail-level users can access her EVM dApp platform built on Ethereum. The platform allows end users to save costs and keep the flow flowing across the network.

Ethereum is struggling to keep up with demand. Think Crypto Kitties, or BAYC. When something popular hits the network, it causes problems for everyone. Everyone wins by using rollups to create more efficient transactions.

Anyone who contributes to the GTON ecosystem will get governance tokens and earn income from their investments as network activity grows.

GTON Capital’s crypto-collateralized stablecoin, ticker GCD, is a good innovation for everyone. By generating her GCD in leading tokens, users can maintain their core position and access trading instruments that outperform both ETH and BTC.

Of course, many people don’t understand why GTON Capital products are so much easier and cheaper to use than ETH, but the developers building the GTON Capital suite are trying to give users a much better technical experience. and save network load for everyone.

The wide world of Web3

GTON Capital sees partnerships with Web3 developers as an important part of its strategy. Because the company’s tools offer a lot for both developers and users. Teams building dApps at L2 should take a closer look at GTON Capital and consider how their tools work with new dApps.

One of the main advantages that GTON Capital offers users is low gas prices that never rise when measured against the US dollar.

People don’t want costs to skyrocket, so the system designed by GTON Capital is suitable for platforms not used by sophisticated investors who understand how to hedge volatile assets, such as games. .

At the same time, the GCD stablecoin makes sense for online businesses because it can be bought and sold in an efficient digital asset that does not move much against the US dollar. seems to be along

next generation

The first decade of decentralized blockchain technology has produced a lot of hype and some great platforms. Now is the time to look for things that can be done better and bring technology into people’s daily lives.

GTON Capital understands what needs to be done and creates some valuable tools that both users and developers can reduce inefficiencies, allowing great blockchain ideas to grow. did.

If you would like to learn more about GTON Capital, or talk to their team about how their technology can be used in your project, Click here for more information! Scaling Ethereum, Multi-Collateralized Stablecoins and More

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